14 Apr 2019 AT 01:08 PM

Reviewed: Toro + Ko

Get ready to fill up on some insanely good Spanish tapas from Toro + Ko’s new menu
14 Apr 2019 AT 01:08 PM
Reviewed: Toro + Ko

Since 2017 Toro + Ko Dubai has been nestled at The Square in City Walk amongst a lively al fresco courtyard. Three restaurants join together for a feast fuelled brunch every Friday, but tonight we are here for Spanish, Barcelona-style tapas.

We’ve learnt to calm down and not gorge on all of the bread when out to dinner, but tonight is an exception as warm toasted thin pieces sit next to a small jar of Spanish olive oil and raw cloves of garlic. Pouring olive oil over the crisp Catalan bread while rubbing it in with the garlic clove, we create our own unique crunch. The tartare de atún is fresh, served with avocado and a tangy berry vinaigrette. Freeze dried cranberries are mixed in with the avocado, taking our tuna tartare to another level.

Gambas al ajillo, the garlic prawns, are cooked in extra virgin olive oil. The flavour, though, is rich thanks to the heat from the cayenne pepper.

Cobs of corn, topped with dustings of Idiazabal cheese, lime wedges and pepper., stand proud on a black slate plate. The waiter shows us how corn is eaten here at Toro + Ko. Don’t get messy with the cob. Take the corn off with a knife, creating a fresh pile, and then squeeze the lime, it’s delicious. As for the tongue-tying maiz asado con aliolo y queso idiazabal, we’ll let you have fun ordering this one.

One of Toro + Ko’s most famous dishes is Paella and we’re persuaded to try the Marisco, a seafood mix of Boston lobster, prawns, mussels, clams and calamari. Served in a black pan and mixed together by the waiter, we are pleasantly surprised. The dish isn’t fishy, instead meaty chunks of lobster are mixed between soft fluffy rice. Make sure you don’t miss out on all of the crispy bits mixed in from the pan.

Great food and service with a drinks menu to match, Toro + Ko triumphs at the top of our dinner destination list. Be prepared to
leave full, perhaps only regretting how much food you’ve actually eaten.

Three to try
Croquetas de setas

Balls of in-season mushrooms coated in breadcrumbs and served with a moreish truffle mayonnaise. Delightful.

Crema Catalana
This custardy dessert is flavoured with bitter orange peel. A hard sugary top, an indulgent big serving, too.

Churros con sus salsas
Long thick churros are served with three dipping sauces. Chocolate, miso dulce de leche and velvet sauce. What is your favourite?

Where: The Square, City Walk
Contact: +971 4 590 5433
Website: torodubai.com