21 Apr 2019 AT 12:38 PM

Brunch review: Copper Dog

This cosy Scottish pub’s night brunch is your top spot for end-of-the-week drinks
21 Apr 2019 AT 12:38 PM
Brunch review: Copper Dog

The most burning questions on everyone’s lips as the clock hits 5pm on a Thursday: “Pub?”

We all need an easy night out where food is comforting, drinks are flowing and the atmosphere is buzzing. With the slight potential for the night to get lively, of course. Copper Dog’s brand-new Bottoms Up night brunch captures that vibe exactly, and thanks to its before-and- after-brunch deals, it’s as if the Scottish pub never wants you to leave.

The brunch kicks off at 8pm, but the cosy, old-style joint is already heaving with a lively crowd as Copper Dog also runs a happy hour from 5pm until 8pm, with discounted prices on a selection of beverages. Whether they are here for brunch or not doesn’t really matter, as the bar is buzzing with that end-of-the-working-week spark. It’s not just about sitting around and chatting shop, however, with guests sinking eight-balls at the pool table as well as playing hops pong in the corner. Always a nice touch.

Despite the large numbers, staff are relatively quick, delivering a platter of some of its signature dishes within the first 30 minutes, which is perfect for our starving selves. Plates piled with ribs, nachos, chunky chips and chicken wings fill us up throughout the three-hour brunch. While definitely comforting, a number of the dishes could do with more sauce and dips, particularly barbecue for the ribs and guacamole and salsa to enhance the nachos. That aside, the drinks selection is varied, and that’s mainly what this brunch is all about.

While night brunches usually lean towards party vibes, Copper Dog’s is a tad more laid-back, and that’s exactly what some of us need (before the Friday antics begin). So, pub? We’ll see you there, we’re at the ready.

Don’t miss
We did say Copper Dog wanted you to stay, didn’t we? Stick around for the bar’s after party with tunes from DJ Andy Swift. And you’ll even get three drink tokens for AED100. You’re already there, so you may as well celebrate. Before that though, if you’re after a game of hops pong, be sure to tell the staff well in advance before the brunch ends.

Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai – Jumeirah Beach, JBR
When: Thursday, 8pm-11pm
Price: From AED149
Contact: +971 52 917 5512