Mark Conlon05 May 2019 AT 07:18 PM

New board game café opens in Dubai

Unwind Café is home to over 500 board games for diners to play
Mark Conlon05 May 2019 AT 07:18 PM
New board game café opens in Dubai

If you fancy doing something a little out of the ordinary over the coming weeks, and you’re a fan of board games, it seems you’re in luck.

A speciality board game venue, Unwind Café, is now open on Hessa Street and, for those of you who believe you’re the king of Cluedo, or the Monopoly master, it’s the perfect place to back up your bragging.

The good news is that you’re not restricted to just a couple of options. There are over 500 board games from which you can choose and if you decide to try your luck at something new, don’t worry, as staff at the venue will teach you how to play whichever game you want to get up to speed with.

It’s a new, unique concept, and one which has already gone down a storm with those who enjoy working their way around a board.

Vaihundan and Hamsa Paramalingam, who are brother and sister, and their friend Saifur Rahman, are the brains behind the operation, and they explained the reasons behind their idea.

“Our mission is to contribute to a community focused on growing gatherings of friends, family and colleagues,” said the team behind Unwind. “We want to support the community by bringing to them a time to interact, a time to connect, a time to relax and a time to meet.”

At Unwind Café, however, it’s not solely about the games. Breakfast is served all day and there is a variety of snacks and drinks on offer although, let’s be honest, if you’re heading down there, chances are it will be to try and get the better of your mate as you take a stroll down memory lane, rather than for any other reason.

Where: Hessa Street
When: Sunday-Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday 7am-midnight, Friday-Saturday, 10am-midnight
Contact: +971 4 336 6611