23 May 2019 AT 10:30 AM

What’s Cooking: Dubai's latest dining news

We’re dishing out all the latest news and rumours around the city
23 May 2019 AT 10:30 AM

1) Float and gloat
Back to The Future may have foretold hovering skateboards would be a thing, but how about a dessert that floats in mid-air? The future is now, and it’s sweet. Indian restaurant Masala Library in JW Marriott Marquis Dubai launched a ‘Floating Chocolate’ that literally levitates (at a convenient eating level) using the magic of magnets and nitrogen. It isn’t just eye-candy, as the chocolate truffle sphere boasts 70 percent dark chocolate and has been described as a “culinary showstopper”. It’s all part of the venue’s post-molecular menu. Wait, is this a lab or a restaurant?

2) Carrot savvy
With Oreo cheesecake and red velvet about, it’s a wonder how carrot cake ever made it as one of the classics. Well, so say those who never tried Lime Tree Café’s signature version. You should, and you can soon at the homegrown brand’s fourth location in The Springs Souk. Yes, the café also features roasted coffee, fresh salads, sandwiches, quiches, hearty breakfasts and an ever-changing array of baked goods, but it’s Lime Tree’s signature slice of carrot goodness that really, well, takes the cake. The brand-new branch is due to open its doors in May. We carrot wait...

3) Text for food
When we’re at home with the family and at our laziest, we send a hopeful text to someone in the kitchen just on the off-chance they’re kind enough to whip up a tasty dish and bring it straight to us. You can imagine that never, ever, works, but it certainly does at Jumeirah Hotel and Resorts. Its new E-Butler service lets guests instant message the culinary team  to cook whatever’s on the menu, and bring it to them, whether by the pool or lounging on the beach. It can also be used for dinner reservations and room service, but texting for a snack is the dream.