10 Jun 2019 AT 09:46 AM

Reviewed: Katsuya Big Brunch

Completely indulgent, perfect for Dubai’s foodies
10 Jun 2019 AT 09:46 AM

A brunch with over 100 dishes raises alarm bells. Surely it’s about quality over quantity, right? In March this yea, Katsuya by Stark launched its Big Brunch, serving more than  100 contemporary Japanese-inspired dishes, proving quality can genuinely be maintained.

Sushi, sashimi and maki rolls are being prepared at the fresh counter as we walk to our outside table. The menu offers buffet and cook-to-order options, which include some of the signature dishes. A sinking feeling that we shouldn’t have eaten for the previous two days hits us as we glance at the menu and spot two favourites, creamy rock shrimp and black miso cod. Dribbling now, and ready to get stuck in, brunch begins. Our drink orders are taken and we walk around the buffet stations inside, choosing from a selection of ceviche, guacamole, salmon sashimi and tuna tartare.

When our starters arrive we’re not disappointed. Crispy chicken salad, classic edamame and a huge portion of the creamy rock shrimp are placed down in front of us. The salad is chopped finely and the chicken is crisp and refreshing as we sit outside in the sun. A second bowl of the creamiest, rockiest shrimp appears and, once again, we’re not complaining. How we do love an unlimited brunch.

For the main course, each person gets one dish from options including Angus tenderloin, grilled salmon and miso-marinated black cod. We opt for the cod and salmon, delighted to find big, juicy flakes of fish falling effortlessly from both.

The cod is coated in a sticky black marinade, which is sweet, complementing the salty fish, while the salmon is grilled perfectly and served with crunchy vegetables.

Speciality maki rolls are bought to the table after our mains arrive and if you only have room for one, make sure you try the spicy tuna variety with crispy onions on top.

Believe us when we say the food does not stop. This is a place where you will leave absolutely stuffed and satisfied. This is a brunch for unlimited indulgence and real foodies.

Don’t miss
If you can fit in dessert after what feels like a stomach-expanding brunch, well, we raise a glass to you, sir. You’ll find delicate individually baked treats. Light sponges, all decorated for the eyes, some topped with gold dusted raspberries, as well as chocolate drenched tarts. What is an extra bite when you have already gone so far?

Katsuya by Stark
Al Naseem Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah
When: Friday, 12-4PM
Price: From AED350
Contact: +971 4 419 0676