17 Jun 2019 AT 11:55 AM

Reviewed: Pure Sky Lounge Brunch

A feast of Pan-Asian cooking at twilight
17 Jun 2019 AT 11:55 AM
Reviewed: Pure Sky Lounge Brunch

What is a brunch? Dubai has changed the definition of the clash between breakfast and lunch over the years, turning it into a midday party bash or an outlandish feast with no morning staples like eggs done sunny side up in sight. That’s not a complaint. Altering the scene must be  viewed as a positive, and it’s events like the Sunset Friday Brunch at Pure Sky Lounge  that undoubtedly prove it.

The rooftop restaurant at Hilton Dubai The Walk isn’t kidding about the ‘Pure Sky’ part of its name, as we step out to its spacious outdoor terrace and are immediately greeted by the stunning scene of JBR from above. From the picturesque view of Ain Dubai to an orange-tinged sky, we take out our phones and start snapping pictures, which the staff are more than happy to help out with. We’re done (for now), and are in a sweet spot so we can still catch the views. Guests can of course sit inside, but why would you when this brunch is made to be enjoyed al fresco? (Unless it’s utterly baking outside.)

Our starters arrive hot off the grill, with highlights including the Indonesian chicken satay, stuffed dim sum and crispy tofu, all coupled with authentic side sauces. The tofu is delicious, which is a strange thing to say seeing as its supposed to be tasteless. But it is, and dipping it into the spicy chilli sauce only serves to enhance our satisfaction levels. A little room is intentionally left for the mains, which proves a wise decision.

We can’t get enough of the beef rendang, while the roasted fish in banana leaves ooze with flavours of Indian spices. We’re also treated to roast beef, which is sliced right by our table, but the Pan-Asian dishes are the true stars.

Should Pure Sky Lounge really call it a brunch if it’s at sunset? As far as we’re concerned, the answer is a solid yes, and other venues should start following its example.

Don’t miss
While feasting on a brilliant array of Pan-Asian dishes while the sun goes down is delightful, having it constantly shine in your face isn’t ideal. Be sure to bring a trusty pair of sunglasses, or you’ll have to face away from one of the key parts of the brunch: the view. The sun usually sets at 7pm, though, so you’ll still get those night views if you do forget (like we did).

Sunset Friday Brunch
Where: Hilton Dubai The Walk, JBR
When: Friday, 5.30pm-9pm
Price: From AED245
Contact: +971 4 374 7888