17 Jul 2019 AT 03:30 PM

Reviewed: Trader Vic’s

Your Monday nights will never be the same
17 Jul 2019 AT 03:30 PM
Reviewed: Trader Vic’s

If, like us, you look for any excuse to get out of cooking dinner, you’ll be delighted to hear that Trader Vic’s on JBR has now come to the rescue as the new saviour of Mondays.

What’s on offer? Well, if you like your Mexican grub you’re in for a treat because you can feast on a whole host of tasty tacos, which can be washed down with a fine selection of either mixed drinks or bottled hops. And here’s the best part: it will only cost you AED125.

The venue, for a Monday in the middle of summer, is relatively busy, if not packed, and there is a nice atmosphere as a four-piece band supply the Latino sounds up on stage. Classic hits by the likes of Carlos Santana are performed to a decent standard and the service from the waiters, who quickly take our drinks order, cannot be faulted.

Yes, it’s a Monday, but we’re going straight for the hops. If mixed drinks are your thing, however, the options are attractive and endless. Each to their own, we say.

The dining area inside Trader Vic’s is huge, and you get the impression if the venue was completely packed the waiters would have a difficult job of keeping on top of it all but, as it is, tonight they’re able to cope quite comfortably.

When the tacos arrive we assume we’ve over-ordered. A huge tray lands featuring three rows of various ingredients, along with a hot dish housing the tacos and tortilla wraps. In terms of toppings, you can choose from roast chicken, grilled beef, fried fish and black bean stew, with tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream the sauces on offer. But there are plenty of side options, such as rice and vegetables, to top up your tacos with. Not going to lie, we don’t exactly plough through the veg, but we don’t need to because not only are the tacos delicious, they also leave us stuffed and barely able to move. Hopefully by next Monday we’ll have recovered enough to stumble back down to Trader Vic’s.

Three to try
Peanut butter and coconut spicy sauce

The crispy bread that we were given while we waited for our tacos was nice enough, but it was the peanut butter and coconut spicy sauce that really stole the show.

Grilled chicken tacos
Every option was enjoyable, but if we were only able to choose one filling...

Hawaiian Malasada
Fried doughnuts, covered in powdered sugar, accompanied by a hot banana and caramel sauce. Dangerous.

Where: Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
Contact: +971 4 318 2530
Website: tradervicsjbr.com