16 Jul 2019 AT 09:24 AM

Popular Amsterdam burger joint to open in Dubai

The Butcher is bringing prime Angus beef burgers and steaks, hearty fries and much more to the UAE
16 Jul 2019 AT 09:24 AM
Popular Amsterdam burger joint to open in Dubai

Ah, the fantastic ‘haute’ cuisine (high-grade) of Amsterdam – what a treat it is. If you’ve been, you’ll know one of the best is The Butcher. Well, there’s no need to fly to Amsterdam for those ‘haute’ burgers anymore.

The Butcher is coming to Dubai with a swanky new venue, and it’s bringing prime Angus beef burgers and steaks, chunky fries and much more.

Opening its doors on the ground floor of The Residences at Dubai Marina, the burger restaurant has been delivering everything from meats and vegetables to signature sauces in Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza since 2012.

Dubai-based D&T Group has partnered with Holland-based The Entourage Group to introduce The Butcher to the city.

Lead by founder and co-creator Yossi Eliyahoo, The Entourage Group is famous across The Netherlands for introducing some creative food and drinks destinations, and now he’s bringing that to the UAE.

“We made the decision to work with Yossi to help bring The Butcher franchise to Dubai after spotting its huge potential and capacity to bring something new and exciting to the city’s booming F&B industry, and the massively popular burger segment in particular,” said D&T founder Danny Planter.

Delivering ‘haute fast food’, The Butcher serves up burgers prepared on the spot with fresh ingredients. From quality meat to a selection of herbs along with vegetables, along with the special signature sauce and homemade semi-brioche bun.

Don’t know what you’re in for? For a sneak peek of what’s in store at the Dubai branch, head over to The Butcher’s official website (www.the-butcher.com)

While there’s no further word on when we might see it open, be sure to watch this site for further updates.

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When: Opening soon.
Where: Ground floor, The Residences, Dubai Marina
Website: www.the-butcher.com.