Sebastian Sykes13 Aug 2019 AT 11:27 AM

Dubai’s top meat-inspired brunches

Here’s where to enjoy hours of meaty feasting
Sebastian Sykes13 Aug 2019 AT 11:27 AM
Dubai’s top meat-inspired brunches

The Meat Co.
Of course, you can never have too much, so why not check out these meat-inspired brunches and enjoy hours of feasting?

The name says it all. Meat, meat and more meat. With only premium cuts served at this South African restaurant, you’re guaranteed a fantastic food-filled afternoon while enjoying great views of Downtown Dubai.

Hot starters, which include beef boerewors with African spices, are selected by the chef and brought to the table, before you indulge in the mains, with options including American prime rib-eye and a duo of chicken. Lovely.
Where: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown
When: Friday 12.30pm-4pm

A brunch which prides itself on providing flavours from around the world, Feast is sure to satisfy those with a carnivore-like appetite.
Whether it’s Indonesian beef rendang or the fail-safe British beef wellington, you won’t be disappointed.

And if you really are that lazy, there is also the option to have the chefs knock you up a brilliant burger which is then delivered straight to your table. Probably worth the entry fee alone.
Where: Sheraton Grand Hotel
When: Friday, 1pm-4pm
Contact: +971 45 034 444

Zero Gravity
Maybe not an obvious choice, but the meat counter at Zero Gravity’s Tropical Brunch on a Friday is not to be missed.

There are so many options, ranging from simple flavoured chicken fillets to cuts of lamb and superb juicy burgers. However, the real treats are less familiar delights such as Carribbean beef and kangaroo. Spicy, succulent and special. So enjoyable, particularly with the sun beating down. Go and check it out.
Where: Dubai Marina
When: Friday, 1pm-5pm