15 Aug 2019 AT 09:05 AM

Reviewed: Zero Gravity’s Tropical Brunch

A Friday brunch by the beach that ticks every box
15 Aug 2019 AT 09:05 AM

We all know the concept of a Friday brunch here in Dubai. Stumble out of bed, have a bit of brekkie, get washed and dressed, head to the venue with sleep still in your eyes, and get back on it. Oh yeah, and squeeze in the odd plate of food to make you feel a bit better about yourself. Mentally, at least.

That’s basically how it works, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Enhancing the standard brunch is tough but Zero Gravity, the beachclub in Dubai Marina, appears to have cracked it. Basically, all of the above, but instead of holding the event inside a restaurant or dining area, the action takes place around a huge pool, and right by the beach. We literally can’t think of a better way to spend the day. On arrival we are given a plastic beaker, shaped like a pineapple, in which every drink you consume must be poured by the bar staff. Pros and cons, but very Insta-friendly, if you’re that way inclined.

Our bed edges just into the pool, a prime spot, affording us brilliant views as the venue begins to fill. There are various drink stations depending on your beverage of choice, and the selection is vast. Hops, grape, mixed drinks, short measures. Whatever we want, it’s not difficult to come by.
The music is pumping from very early on with the DJ, stationed inside due to the soaring  temperatures, playing a decent mix of feel-good house tunes, both old and new, ideal for getting guests into the party spirit and it’s undoubtedly working. It’s a buzzing brunch, and great value.

Standard food choices - burgers, chicken, pizza, and mac ‘n’ cheese - are complemented by less familiar options such as kangaroo, which is well worth a try. And you can have as much as you want. We then sample one of the doughnuts from a huge selection of sweet treats, before retiring back to our bed. But there’s little chance of a rest as the party really begins to kick in.

Where: Dubai Marina
When: Friday, 1pm-5pm
Price: 345AED (men), AED295 (ladies)
Contact: +971 4 399 0009