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Dubai’s tastiest bar bites



Dubai’s tastiest bar bites

The more we drink the more our belly’s rumble – it’s a given. Why do you think pubs and bars throughout the city serve up a side of nibbles? Because they’re teasing you to take on an even bigger (and more expensive) bite you’ll most likely regret. But we say do away with the free nuts or mains and get something with a little more heft and a little less expense. These comforting dishes are a no-brainer to go along with a few pints. Hey, we could all use the soakage…

Brunswick Eatery, Bar & Terrace
Well-cut french fries should be on every bar menu, but at Brunswick, the chips aren’t just salty. In fact, they’re sour and salty sweet potato fries – the all-in-one package!
Where: Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Dubai
Contact: +971 56 404 0685

Yes, there’s potato skins and chicken wings, but get the duck toast here. Just hear us out, alright? Expect confit duck leg rillette, green pepper aioli, toasted campaillou bread and an extremely tasty onion chutney to soak all of the above up with. Yum.

Where: Manzil Downtown Dubai
Contact: +971 4 329 8899

Why bother have a pizza when there’s cheesy garlic bread about? While Dusty’s has a great deal of comfort food to relish in, the fresh mozzarella and garlic topped slices of beauty take the, erm, bread.
Where: Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC
Contact: +971 4 354 5435

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