11 Sep 2019 AT 02:10 PM

Reviewed: Pickl!

A burger joint making its mark in the city
11 Sep 2019 AT 02:10 PM

It really is difficult to beat the taste of a decent burger. That’s something most of us can agree on, right?

Here in Dubai there is an abundance of options when it comes to the finding the perfect patty, which is why any new restaurant needs to be doing something special in order to make its mark on the scene.

Pickl!, located on the ground floor of One JLT, is one of the newest additions to the city’s burger scene, and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint. Far from it, in fact. The venue is strikingly clean, bright and a decent size, with plenty of room for those wishing to eat in. When we visit, early on a Friday evening, it’s packed with parents taking their kids out for a weekend treat. And the smiles tell their own story.

There is nothing out of the ordinary on the menu - think cheese, bacon double cheese or chicken burgers - but as we watch the chefs get to work behind the serving area, we can tell they’re cooking up top-quality grub. Lovely.

When our order arrives - one cheeseburger and one chicken sando burger (fresh fried chicken with dill pickles) - we can tell it’s going to hit the spot. The meat is fresh and Pickl! certainly doesn’t hold back in terms of portions. Sides of messy fries and chicken tenders, accompanied by three separate dips varying in terms of spice (“plain”, “feel the heat” or “Nashville hot”), ensures there is no room for dessert, even if the burger ice cream (vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon sugar bun and salted caramel sauce) looks hugely appealing.

While it’s a blow for us (although probably not for our waistlines) to have to pass on dessert, the strawberry cheesecake milkshake which arrived with the food more than tempers the disappointment.  It’s probably one of the nicest creations to have passed our lips, and worth the visit alone. That’s not an exaggeration, we promise.

While Pickl! is essentially a fast-food joint, the overall experience, enhanced by friendly and helpful staff, means we won’t be staying away for long. The burger bar in Dubai has been well and truly raised.

Where: Ground floor, One Tower, JLT
Contact: +971 4 584 6859
Website: eatpickl.com

Three to try
Strawberry cheesecake milkshake

It takes something special for us to include a drink in this section, but “special” probably doesn’t do it justice. Just try it. Thank us later.

Messy fries
As the name suggests, make sure you have a napkin nearby, because it does get messy. But it’s well worth the clean-up operation, that’s for sure.

Chicken sando burger
Given its size, you will struggle to polish this one off. An enjoyable challenge, though.