5 places to try fish-finger sandwiches

Oh, the fish finger sandwich. A Brit favourite and for good reason. If you’re not familiar with this culinary classic it’s pretty simple: thick wedges of white bread, a generous dollop of tangy tartar and that iceberg crunch all squashed up against carefully placed pieces of golden, crisply-fried fish fingers.

It’s a combo very close to our hearts. And, it seems, everyone in Dubai. In the last few months, this hearty comfort food has evolved into a trendy treat with toasted ciabatta and brioche buns, capers and rocket, and “hand-cut” chips. Here are five of Dubai’s tastiest takes on the fish finger sandwich to get our chops around.

Ghaf Kitchen
Where: Al Quoz, Dubai
They’ve called it the “posh” fish finger sandwich and it’s now one of Ghaf’s signature bites. A gourmet take with hearty bread crumbed fish finger made from fresh haddock (it’s more of an entire hand than a finger) lies in a soft lightly toasted sesame seeded bun with a thick piped layer of tartar sauce and topped with minted mushy peas. Messy and delicious – exactly as a fish finger sandwich should be.
Price: AED45
Contact: +9714-443-0355,

Retro Feasts
Where: The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Resort
Coming from an eatery with a menu packed with classic retro favourites, as its name would suggest, this fish finger sandwich sits comfortably alongside cheese toasties, prawn cocktail and club sandwich peers to be enjoyed by a sun-kissed sandy crowd. Think “breaded crumbed” fish pieces, chunky tartar sauce and more than enough mushy peas. Squash some chips inside and it’s like Brit fave fish‘n’chips all in one soft bun. We challenge you to eat two.
Price: AED55
Contacts: +971 527 226 462, www.thebeach.retrofeasts.com/

Reform and Social Grill
Where: The Lakes
Reform has skills when it comes to recreating British comfort food and we dig such skills. They have the traditional roast and steak and ale pie down. But without a fish finger sarnie we feel there’d be a gaping hole on the menu. This one is listed as a special, but served regularly with a mixed leaf salad, tartar sauce and in a soft white bap. It’s a little on the pricey side, but pickles and chips on the side means you won’t feel short changed. Just add ketchup.
Price: AED68
Contacts: +971 4 454 2638,

Jawadiana Cafeteria
Where: Al Rolla Street, Mankhool, Bur Dubai
For a traditionally Arabic eatery in the heart of Bur Dubai it seems a little random they’ve got a fish finger sandwich on the menu, but it is there (as well as cheese and egg sandwiches) and will arrive fast! Expect greasy goodness and if a little heart burn. But that’s only because you’ll wolf it so quickly. A very small price to pay for a food hug, tiny in fact.
Price: AED5
Contacts: +971 4 352 8452

The Scene
Where: Pier 7, The Dubai Marina
British celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer has created a menu of heart-warming pub classics and comfort food from back in the day – the “posh” fish finger sandwich being a staple. It’s kept simple with the fish fingers, tasty tartar sauce made fresh in-house and served in a floury bap. Yum. Add a portion of the ‘proper’ chips (AED29) if you’re feeling really homesick.
Price: AED45
Contacts: +971 4 422 2328,

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