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3 Dubai spots to see coffee art



Drinking coffee has never been more involved. Where it was a simple, usually freeze-dried means of offering the body a morning boost, has in the last decade or so become a pursuit of almost academic complexity, a combination of geography, chemistry and marketing that has made role models of baristas and millionaires from entrepreneurs, who were able to turn a humble cafe into a chain of coffee shops.

For consumers, it means more choice, better flavours and an all-round more interesting experience. This even includes presentation. The exponential rise of the latte and its thick cream foam has created its own sub-specialty: coffee or latte art. Baristas don’t just have to know which beans to roast and for how long, they now have to get creative with the designs they have to etch into the coffee’s surface.

Here are three places you can sample it in Dubai.

Café Vergnano
Where: Dubai Mall
If the strategic layering of coffee, milk and foam doesn’t amaze you, the Hello Kitty floating on top of your cappuccino will make you stop in your tracks.
Tel: +971 4 388 2088

Sprungli Café
Where: Village Mall, Jumeirah
Whether you want a falcon, one of the UAE leaders or some other intricate visage winking back at you from your latte, the coffee art at Sprungli has no equal
Tel: +971 4 343 3900

Baker & Spice
Where: Souk al Bahar
With the exception of Tom Cruise, no one has been allowed to scale the Burj Khalifa. So why not drink its cappuccino-sized cousin with your organic egg omelette?
Tel: +971 4 4252240

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