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The Pitch: Alfredo Russo from Vivaldi



With a Michelin-star and years of experience to his name, Alfredo Russo knows what makes a good menu. The globally respected chef is behind Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo at Sheraton Dubai Creek, and his mozzarella inspired menu is causing quite a stir. The quirky mix even includes mozzarella ice-cream… Trust us, he knows what he’s doing. We sat down with Alfredo to talk about his vision of Italian fine-dining and the beauty of Dubai Creek

There are loads of Italian restaurants in Dubai. What makes Vivaldi special?
We try to be as authentic as possible and behind every beautifully presented platter, there’s passion and professionalism. We’re in one of the oldest areas and Vivaldi was one of the first Italian restaurants to open in the city. After our relaunch, people re-discovered this place and we surprised them. The food is great, the view is unbelievable and the atmosphere is nice and relaxing. We have everything a great restaurant should have: food, atmosphere and location.

Ok, so aside from the usual Italian dishes, what will surprise us?
You would be surprised even with the pasta that we prepare! We prepare fresh pasta daily, and so do many restaurants; however, we do it traditionally with egg yolk and the pasta ends up being very soft and thin.

Why have you based your new menu around Mozzarella?
Mozzarella is very commonly used in many dishes and I would like to showcase to the guests how the ingredient can be prepared it in a variety of different methods and dishes.

What’s the most creative thing you do with Mozzerella?
Mozzerella soup, where all the juices are extracted from the mozzarella. The taste is very complex, and yet at the same time it’s very fresh!

Which dish from the new menu is your absolute must-try?
The Mozzarella soup and ice cream are definite must tries!

What can we expect to be blown away by?
As soon as you enter, it’s the view as you’ll be awstruck. Nobody can imagine that from the restaurant, you get this type of a breath-taking view.

What do you love about The Creek?
The Creek gives off a vibe as being part of the ‘real Dubai’. A lot of people come to this area to get a taste of the authenticity and history of Dubai.

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