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6 meals in Dubai for less than AED30



It’s not all about fine dining. Sometimes you just want an informal, grab-and-go dining experience that still offers great flavours and an engaging experience. Whether you’re after a midday snack or an early evening pit-stop, these places ought to satisfy your hunger without injuring your wallet.

Red Star Wok
Where: JLT, Business Bay
What: Vegetarian Lunch Special (set menu 4)
The only thing missing from this nearly NYC experience is the white paper carton. Otherwise, just add chopsticks for a classically Manhattan experience. The ridiculously good value price includes rice or noodles, a main and a beverage – and it can be enjoyed in JLT or Business Bay.
Total price: AED29

Saravana Bhavan
Where: Karama
What: Thali with several curries, sauces, rice and puri
What can only be described as fingerfood for adults. Flavours range from mild to eye-wateringly spicy, but the soft puri and endless rice will make up for it. The value makes it worth the nightmare of trying to find somewhere to park at lunchtime.
Total price: AED17

Where: JBR
What: “Lauriat” is considered fast food in the Philippines and there’s reason this filling combo is a serious Pinoy favourite. The platter includes prawn crackers, steamed dumplings, rice, pancit and a choice of chicken, beef, seafood or the mysteriously named “Shanghai”. It’s all delicious.
Total price: AED29

Vinkers Waffles
Where: Dubai Investment Park
What: Bitterballen Sandwich (AED20) plus Stroopwafel (AED5)
The classic Dutch lunch of a meatball sandwich, which can be paired with a delicious syrupy waffle that may prompt you to bust your budget and order five more. The only thing missing in this lunch is a pint of Holland’s finest export.
Total price: AED25

Taco House
Where: Karama
What: Chicken Burrito Combo Meal: includes one side, two dips and a soft drink
Remember that Spring Break in Cancun? The one that left you with the ill-advised tattoo on your bicep and a penpal from Cinncinatti whose face you genuinely can’t recall? Perhaps this classic Mexican meal will remind you.
Total price: AED28
Tel: +971 4 396 4774

Where: JLT
What: Three-egg omelette (AED12) plus Americano (AED14)
This may be more of a mid-morning snack or a delayed breakfast than lunch, but the protein and caffeine combo hits the spot in more ways than one. Plus, the eggs are organic.
Total: AED26

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