7 Dubai shawarma places that won’t disappoint

There are generally two types of shawarma: good and fantastic. Much of the difference comes down to personal preference and there probably isn’t a group of friends in Dubai, especially if they’re from the immediate region, who don’t routinely fall out over which shawarma is the best. Frankly, it’s difficult to mess up the small, succulent wraps of chicken and pickles or beef with tomatoes. So, here in no particular order are some of the ones we’ve been eating recently.

Where: Media City, JBR
How much? AED12
A late night special serving up a varied spectrum of Lebanese food. While not as wallet-pleasing as some of the other shwarma joints in the city, Jedoudna offers slightly more in the decor department. The Lebanese shawarma could be described as the go to from the Middle Eastern varieties, and Jedoudna serves up a fine representation of the classic.

How much? AED8
A recent entry into the best-of-Dubai lists, this place is now satisfying the grilled meat cravings of the Media City/JBR crowd for a couple of years now – and has carved a niche as one the most reliably delicious places for low-cost Lebanese food. The shawarmas are fresh and delicious and won’t drop juices down your sleeve.
Contact: 04 434 2355

Mall of the Emirates, Knowledge Villag, Satwa
How much? AED16
As expected for a food court location, Beirut can be seen as a little pricey. However, it’s one of the only spots on this list that offers sides with every meal choice as well as juices with names much easier to understand that some of Dubai’s cafeterias. The kebabs are great, too, with the tandoori bread option ideal for healthier appetites.

Al Mallah
How much? Starting from AED7
The first of two Dubai favourites on the list, Al Mallah is your destination if you’re looking for a shawarma and nothing more. The plastic furniture and servers running to take orders between cars is as recognisable an image for residents as the Burj Al Arab is to the world. An authentic experience and at AED7, you can have no complaints.
Contact: 04 398 4723

Umm Al Sheif Road, Business Bay
How much? AED16
Shawarmanji’s multiple locations are always popular choices. The stops in Jumeirah and Business Bay are slightly on the expensive side, but serve up a great variation of shawarmas including vegetarian options and even a special with pomegranate sauce. But in our opinion, you can’t beat their classic shawarmas – they’re a decent size and very tasty.

Al Reef
How much? AED7
Al Reef Bakery is a recognised name for many of Dubai’s longer-term residents. The cafeteria serves up great options 24 hours a day, and although perhaps best known for its mana’eesh, it also does justice to the classic shawarma. It’s a no frills place that can lack a little finesse in the service department but the food remains top drawer.
Contact: 04 396 1980

My Shawarma
Al Barsha
How much? AED8
It seems slightly strange that nowhere in Barsha has been able to truly nail the shawarma depsite our extensive exploration of the area. We were delighted when this place delivered genuinely top-drawer chicken shawarmas in pretty quick time. They also did interesting variations including a Greek Shawarma, although the classics were good enough.
Contact: 04 347 3680

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