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5 fantastic Dubai sandwiches



The sandwich was once the ultimate convenience food, the portable meal that started on the 18th century battlefield and migrated to 20th century picnickers and penny-pinching commuters. Now, though, in the 21st century, they are another form of gourmet cuisine, with a variety of breads, cuts and garnishes providing both a meal and an interesting dining experience. Here are some of the best examples in Dubai.

Piled Pastrami on Rye at The Gramercy
Where: DIFC
How much? AED65
The New York classic is done justice at the Gramercy, with a steepling stack of pastrami topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and drizzled with honey mustard. The seeded brown bread adds another dimension to the flavour, resulting in a hunk of a sandwich that will be sufficient for any lunchtime appetite. Served with fries and coleslaw, this list is off to a flyer.

Texas Beef Brisket at Claw
Where: Souq Al Bahar
How much: AED98
It’s difficult to know what the main highlight of this creation is: the soft smoked-beef brisket, lathered in one of the best smokey barbeque sauces in the country, or the huge, flaky, buttery slab of bread that surrounds it. At Claw, they call the latter Texas toast, but we’ll just have to explain it as the ultimate doorstep, which is necessary to hold its slippery contents. They may call it a sandwich, but you’ll probably find yourself reaching for the knife and fork when the board on which it is served arrives.

Roast Beef Wrap at 1762
Where: DIFC
How much: AED38
An exciting twist on an English staple, this sandwich is filled with home cooked roast beef, complete with a Yorkshire pudding, Coleman’s mustard and horseradish sauce. It will feel strange at first, but one bite – especially on a Sunday – and it will suddenly make sense. The special wrap even comes with a pot of gravy. We also ordered the 1762 “tatties” as an accompaniment.

The Cuban at Cafe Habana
Where: Souq Al Bahar
How much: AED75
Our global tour of sandwiches now stops off in Cuba. Although it has much in common with the New York effort, Cuba’s classic is an interesting blend of toasted bread, corned beef, pastrami, cheese and a piquant chipotle mayonnaise to top it off. Combine it with some chips, guacamole and an in-house cocktail, and frankly the office can wait.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sandwich at Qbara
Where: Wafi
How much? AED92
Qbara have managed to blend a seafood staple with the local favourite Saj, a wrap of flatbread heated on a convex metal dome. This blend of crispy crab alongside fresh green salad, garlic and harissa hot pepper paste is a definite palate pleaser when you’re want a quick but quality bite.

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