Where to grab a great shake in Dubai

Yeah, thanks Kelis. We’ve been humming “lala la la laaaaa” ever since we decided we’d wrap up our favourite milkshakes in Dubai, whether they bring all the boys to the yard or not. But earworms aside, is there a better choice for anyone with a sweet tooth on a hot day?

It certainly seems an increasingly popular choice in Dubai and there now a good many outlets offering top-quality milkshakes in the city. Here are the flavours that have topped our charts in recent weeks. (NB: all prices are for large sizes).

Oreo cookies and cream deluxe
Where? Johnny Rockets, Dubai Marina
How much? AED28
With Johnny Rockets, you know what you’re going to get, so when you order a large, be prepared to have to pick it up in two hands. Thick, creamy and topped off with fresh cream, the sizeable beast comes with perfectly broken Oreos, allowing the shake to be smooth yet with the little pieces of crunch you desire. A meal in itself.

The Billion Dollar VIP shake
Where? Millions of Milkshakes, Dubai Mall
How much? AED28
If you can resist the option of creating your own shake, with options such as gummy bears, cookie dough, peanut butter cups and bubblegum, we recommend the Billion Dollar. It has Ferrero Rocher smashed up and swirled in and the mix of the nuts, chocolate and banana is a winning combination. They also offer fruit shakes for someone feeling a little too guilty.

The Notorious VIP
Where? Shakeism, Al Barsha 1
How much? AED24
A hidden gem in the backstreets of Barsha, Shakeism offers some of the most ridiculous combinations known to man. From white toblerone, hob nobs and irish cream to red bull, m&ms and protein powder, you want it, they’ll make it. The charm of this place lies in the feeling that every customer knows the owner Mohammed, and they’re all determined to try every flavour they can. The Notorious VIP is a wonderful mix of chocolate brownie, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, incredibly sweet and thick enough to satisfy a hunger craving. Once you come out of your food coma you’ll wonder if it was all a dream, remembering when you used to drink Twix, and cookies and cream.

Where? More Cafe, Downtown Dubai.
How much? AED24
In the interest of diversity, it’s best if we allow one entry on the list to not feature some form of chocolate. Although this does not mean the Strawberry shake at More Cafe is any less sweet. Without the craziness of an endless list of flavours, the cafe simply serves up thick, fresh tasting shakes with the chunks of fruit that cap it all off.

Daim Bandits
Where? Sblended, Dubai Mall
How much? AED28
The most common phrase heard in Sblended is by far and away: ‘actually I’ll have the (insert choice here)’, as the list of customers eyes up every option on the menu. The Daim Bandits gives one ingredient away with the name, but also contains fudge, whipped cream and a flake top. This is one of the more reserved choices on the menu, with others including jelly tots, haribo or flying saucers. Possibly the thickest shake on the list, the shake is smooth, the Daim offers crunch and the whipped cream on top crowns it in all its glory.

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