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Steak does seem to be the dish of choice in Dubai. There are, at last count, more than 60 self-described steakhouses in the city, with at least one more on the way in 2015 that we know about. So, it is safe to conclude that if you want to open a new one, it perhaps ought to be something pretty special to attract attention.

Of course, having a name attached to it that has become synonymous with steak, and whose legacy includes establishments in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, London and Singapore, will certainly help Cut by Wolfgang Puck stand out from the crowd. The California original has been named American restaurant of the year and is a regular on the best-of lists compiled by food critics. It has, in short, become a tried and tested place to eat high quality meat.

The Dubai branch opened on what was once the site of Hukama and is doing an admirable job of keeping the traditions alive. From Australian Wagyu beef “Sashimi” to start, through to the 14 main-course options (Filet mignon, New York sirloin, rib eye, etc) that includes Japanese 100 percent Wagyu beef from Shiga Prefecture, Honshu, Japan, it’s a carnivore’s paradise.

Importantly, though,the non-steak dishes are also outstanding, with grilled jumbo prawns, ribs and lamb chops real standouts. With the addition of the lunchtime set-menu it’s a solid addition to Dubai dining options. There’s also a great bar at the front and a bespoke cocktail menu so it’s worth coming early and staying late to take full advantage.

If you are going ot order anything, we recommend one of these:

Big Eye Tuna Tartar
This is a great way to have the meaty texture of tuna in a light, fresh and delicate way with a burst of wasabi and ginger. Lots of flavour and you won’t be too full for the main course.

Grilled USDA Prime Ribeye Steak with Armagnac-Peppercorn Sauce
Arguably the perfect balance between flavour and quality of meat, the ribeye is often the cut to go for. From South Dakota, it is 100 percent pure Black Angus that’s been aged for 21 days and comes with an Armagnac peppercorn sauce.

Pan-Roasted Lobster with Black Truffles
Short of Panda in dolphin tears, this is one of the most lavish and decadent things you can order. The one-kilo lobster has been flown in from Stonington in Maine (in the USA) and the black truffle is done sabayon-style making it light, almost foamy, and extravagantly rich.

PUCK by Wolfgang Puck, The Address Downtown, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai

Tel: +971 4 888 3444

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