Team shortlist04 Jan 2016 AT 02:34 PM

5 healthy meal plans in Dubai

Let someone else do the hard work for you
Team shortlist04 Jan 2016 AT 02:34 PM
5 healthy meal plans in Dubai
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“New Year; new me” and all that… Whether you’re striving to better yourself this year, or just undo some of the damage done by overindulgence during the festive season, most of us try to be a bit healthier in January. Don’t know where to start? Let the experts handle it for you, with healthy meals delivered straight to your door. Here’s our ShortList of five health-boosters worth trying.

Health Factory
There are eight different packages to choose from, in order to battle the specific challenge you’re facing. No healthy options near your office for lunch? Go for the Serenity package, which offers a healthy lunch delivered to your door daily for AED1,800 per month. The Miracle package is one of the most popular, with three meals and two snacks per day for AED3,480 per month. The foods in this meal plan promise to boost your metabolism, giving you a healthy start to the year.
Price: From AED1,800 per month for the lunch plan
Contact: +971 4 3473 808,

Kcal offer plans for those looking to lose weight, get fit, manage diabetes, maintain weight and even build muscle. As the name suggests, all meals are calorie controlled, and you can have a chat with an advisor about your preferences and goals beforehand. Meals include the likes off egg white omelette with low fat cheddar and tomato for breakfast, and prime beef steak with cherry tomato and broccoli for lunch.
Price: From AED134 per day
Contact: +971 4 434 4111,

Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, GMO free… Whatever you want to exclude from your diet, Daintree has the answer. Following the basis of the Paleo diet, which consists of lean proteins, fuits and vegetables and healthy fats from the likes of nuts, fish oils and avocado, this plan promises to keep you lean and strong.
Price: From AED3,600 for a 24 day plan
Contact: +971 525 302 247,

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77 Veggie Boutique
Eat great food packed with nutrients which are, you guessed it, 100% veggie. There are different packages to suit those looking for a quick office meal, or the New Year’s Resolution crowd who want a complete detox. The lunch or dinner programmes are AED900, giving you one low carb meal per day.
Price: From AED1,699 for lunch and dinner
Contact: +971 4 422 4116,

Love food
Unprocessed meals packed with sustainable, nutritious ingredients are on the menu here. Expect the likes of Cardamom spiced chicken curry for dinner and sweet potato pancakes for breakfast. Monthly plans are tailored to gender, dietary requirements and goals. The menu changes constantly, so you can be sure you wont get bored of it week to week… Or even month to month.
Price: From AED729 per week for two meals and one snack, or AED831 for three meals and two snacks.
Contact: +971 4 321 2663,