The ‘freakshake’ is coming to Dubai

One of 2015’s biggest food trends is set to land in Dubai on February 12 and we cannot wait. Well, we can, but we don’t want to. You may have seen ‘freakshakes’ all over your social media feeds and wondered what that calorific jar of awesomeness is – it’s a dessert drink (similar to a milkshake), covered in cream, chocolate, sauce and topped with a dessert.

The desserts launch at 9am on February 12 at The Black Lion – just in case you fancy one for breakfast – and flavours include Strawberry & Jam Doughnut, Pistachio & White Chocolate, Blondie, Raspberry Eton Mess, Maple & Pecan with Slice of Tart, Caramel & Banoffee and Chocolate Milkshake with Cookies.

With cakes and cookies balanced on top, and cream oozing over the sides, they’re certainly not the most gracious sweet to tuck into, but that’s half the fun. The craze was massive in Australia last year, with these mega milkshakes appearing in independent cafes as well as big food chains. There are even reports of people driving hundreds of miles to try the sugary snack.

We don’t have the lowdown on how many calories are in the freakshakes coming to The Black Lion, but some of the desserts elsewhere in the world are known to have a whole day’s worth in a single shake.

This is how the trend looks through an Instagram filter…





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