Tom & Serg to open brand new restaurant

In last week’s ShortList, we picked the Taste of Dubai as the highlight of the entire Dubai Food Festival. All housed in one location, it harvests the best of the city’s restaurants and serves up their best food at decent prices – and gives you a lovely lawn on which to eat it. Perfect. There is, though, another reason why we’re looking forward to this year’s instalment.

Bull & Roo, the guys behind Tom & Serg in Al Quoz, the Sum of Us near the World Trade Centre roundabout and Common Grounds in Mall of the Emirates, will be launching their latest concept. It’s described as “radical paradise”, a vibrant meeting place with “an injection of flirty femininity”.

We asked co-founder Tom Arnel about what we can expect – at the venue and their Taste of Dubai stall.

What is the new concept, then?
Well, I have to be honest, this is the first time I have spoken about it, so there’s only so much I can say! It will be our first licensed premises and, like Tom & Serg, it will be in an unusual location – somewhere in the suburbs. We want to make sure we deliver something unique, something that really stands out in Dubai, so we’re consciously running away from a safe option in a big development. The one clue I can give everyone is that it will have the flavour of a Mexican-style cantina.

So, we’ll all know more at the Taste of Dubai?
Yes, exactly. We’ll be revealing the name of the restaurant and the exact location then, as well as a couple of the dishes that we’ll be serving. The whole team will be down there, the chef, the waiters, Tom and myself, so we’ll be on hand to explain it all.

Why did you decide to do the big reveal at Taste of Dubai?
I think because it attracts the kind of demographic that we’re aiming for. It’s young, knowledgeable professionals who have a passion for food and trying new experiences, the kind of people who will go in groups for a laid-back night out – at an affordable price.

When is the new place opening?
We are aiming for the first half of the year. I’d say sometime in June.

Taste of Dubai 2016

When: Mar 10 – Mar 12
Start: 16:00

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