REVIEW: Burger & Lobster

It’s quite unusual to go to a restaurant and be faced with a riddle. “If you’re waiting for a waiter, does that make you a waiter?” our maître d’ asked, standing in front of our table. I guess so, yes, or does it just make for a very bad joke?

Either way, we weren’t “waiters” for long. Our attendant appeared in a flash, dressed in a white shirt and blue apron and holding a little notepad and pencil, which were made immediately redundant when he said: “We don’t have a menu here,” before asking if we’d been to a Burger and Lobster before. Did we know what we were doing is what he actually meant.

Considering there are outlets across the UK as well as New York, Sweden and Kuwait, saying “no” felt a bit embarrassing, but it was necessary to be honest.

It turns out there are only three choices here – a fact that B&L regulars will not need pointing out. The trio of choice is a 10oz corn-fed Nebraskan premium beef hamburger (with optional cheese and beef bacon), a one-and-a-half-pound lobster steamed and finished on the grill, served plain or with lemon and garlic butter, and a six-ounce lobster roll in a brioche bun with Japanese mayonnaise. All three options come with salad and fries, and cost AED127 each.

There’s also a combo to share – two lobster rolls or two burgers and a whole lobster, for AED420 – and two complimentary desserts. The lobsters are sourced from the Atlantic waters of Nova Scotia and it seems to be at a pretty bargain price. It might be worth noting at this point that veggies need not read any further; it really is burger or lobster only here.

Soul food
In terms of the vibe, it’s more industrial chic than all-day-diner. The busy kitchen is open fronted and runs along the top side of the dining space, there’s a bar area with high tables over to one side, while pine tables, low hanging lights and red-leather booths make up the main dining area. Apparently a guy called Zarig from the Soho, London, restaurant puts together the playlist across the entire chain – an upbeat mix of soul, funk, jazz and a touch of rock.

Even though the establishment is situated on the first floor of the sparklingly new Burj Daman building in DIFC, it still captures that bustling, just-off-a-busy-city-street nighttime energy. The crowd was a nice mix of couples and families and bigger groups; in fact, it’s a good choice for birthdays and parties as there’s no end-of-meal “who had what” bill-paying pain.

We ordered the lobster rolls, which arrived very quickly on their metal trays – cut in half, generously packed with meat and tucked into a card box. Also on the tray was a metal pot piled high with slim-cut fries and a carefully put together mixed salad with a gravy boat of creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce ready for drizzling.

None of it lasted very long and although messy to eat – they do offer plastic bibs – it was well worth the unexpected splodges of mayo.

There was nothing else to work out – it’s that simple. They do lobster very well, and Burger and Lobster fans in the office can vouch for the burgers, too. Bad waiter jokes aside, the lobster roll was so good I have a feeling the burgers won’t get a look in next time, either.

Burger and Lobster
Where: Burj Daman Building, DIFC
Contact: +9714 514 8838

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