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The Pitch: Chef Jitin Joshi from Bombay Brasserie



Like its namesake in London and its sister branch in Cape Town, South Africa, Bombay Brasserie offers a luxury fine-dining experience with a bit of fire. The décor has pops of punchy colour that are as energising as some of the pungent spices that punctuate their popular dishes, and they pay particular attention to presentation.

It’s all presided over by Taj Dubai’s executive chef Jitin Joshi, whose experience includes time alongside Atul Kochhar, Eric Chavot, Jason Atherton and Gordon Ramsay. His attention to detail and passion for Indian flavours earned him Ethnic Chef of the Year by the Craft Guild of Chefs in 2010. He explains why Bombay Brasserie is worth a visit.

Bombay Brasserie is a modern Indian restaurant that boasts a stunning central live kitchen where you can watch our chefs in action.

The design is bold and contemporary yet it still reflects the essence of India.

If you’re looking for an unusual and hearty meat dish, winning options include our martaban ka meat – lamb curry served in a pickling jar, and gosht koftas, the Kashmiri lamb dumplings.

To impress a group of out-of-town friends, start with these nibbles: Chicken tukda chaat (tangy chicken spiced with tamarind and ginger); chana chaat (crispy chickpeas with yoghurt and tamarind); and bhatti prawns (spicy tandoori-style prawns). For dessert, try the anjeer ka shahi tukda, a fig and bread pudding with reduced sweetened milk.

I was destined to be a chef, I think. I have put everything into learning, developing and enriching myself. Having worked in some great kitchens, I’ve gained so much in terms of cooking, planning, organising and, most importantly, positive thinking. I advise younger chefs to always be curious and strive for answers.

How you carve your path is up to you – you have to make things work for yourself. I would love to cook for a chefs’ table of all the top chefs in the world. I would offer a tasting menu showcasing the best of our dishes – bhatti prawns, chicken tikka with tellicherry peppers and basil, chicken tukda chaat, martaban ka meat, koftas and so on.

Presentation, cooking and timing would be key, so I’d make sure everything was perfect. We have plenty up our sleeves.

We’ve recently launched the “At Chef’s Mercy” brunch where you have no menu to choose from – just sit back, relax and trust the chef to send you dish after dish until you say “I’m done!” We are also developing a Bombay Brasserie Cookery School to share some of our techniques, and enrich keen and eager minds willing to take home a trick or two.

Our signature dish is Martabaan ka Meat. Our lamb curry is truly unique as it is cooked and presented in earthen pickling jars of the kind that date back centuries. These types of jars were found in excavations along the Silk Route – although ours are, I have to say, made a little more recently! These jars are still used in modern households across India to preserve pickles. Our curry is finished with pickling spices and simmered in these jars before being served to your table. It has a warm, hearty flavour with plenty of subtlety and aroma, although there is some nice sourness, too, which is appropriate for the vessel.

Bombay Brasserie
Where: Taj Dubai, Business Bay
Contact: +9714 438 3222

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