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Fümé is the latest Dubai spot to introduce ‘monster shakes’



Following on the footsteps of The Black Lion, who introduced the ‘freakshake’ to Dubai in February, Fümé is the latest restaurant in the city to roll out a calorific jar of awesomeness. The desserts, being dubbed ‘monster shakes’, are available at the Pier 7 and Downtown Dubai outlets.

If you’re wondering what to expect, it’s basically an extremely thick milkshake with a dessert on top. The range includes the likes of ‘berry freaky’, made with mixed berries and topped with strawberries and ice-cream, ‘funky cheesecake’, which has a massive slice of cheesecake on top, ‘popping cereal’, think popcorn with cereal and whipped cream, and the chocolate-filled ‘bro-nut’.

The novelty ‘freakshake’ first launched in Australia at Pâtissez, a café in Canberra. It drew in dessert-lovers and Instagram-fiends hungry for a picture of the now-famous dessert. Since then, the trend has swept across social media (and the rest of the world).

We don’t know quite how many calories are in the versions available at Fümé and The Black Lion, but Good Food reported that most of these mammoth-sized desserts contain up to 1500. So, depending on which one you opt for, you could be eating almost your daily calorie intake in one sitting.

We’re not quite sure we’d be able to finish a whole one, but it certainly makes for a good picture.

Fume is located at Pier & in Dubai Marina and Manzil Downtown Dubai,

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