9 things UAE restaurants need to stop

We’ve noticed some irritating trends in the country’s upscale restaurants. Here’s nine we can do without straight away:

1. Truffle
On our fries, mash, broccoli, ice cream… Can we just get a side of something that isn’t covered in truffle? While we’re at it, step away from that pizza, it doesn’t need truffle oil.

2.. Over-pouring
There’s attentive and then there’s the propensity to top up our glass after every sip. Chill.

3. Are you a club?  
You’re a restaurant and meals are for conversation. Having a DJ is fair enough, but allowing said DJ to crank up the decibels to levels that would shatter glass is just bad manners.

4. Overly prompt plate removal
Taking our dining companion’s plate away while we’re still eating is not cool, even if they’ve finished. And if you take our plate away while there’s still food on it, expect a fork to the hand.

5. Anything with a “twist”
Whatever happened to the days when Italian food was Italian food? Now it’s all, Italian food “with a twist”. We can’t help but feel that the “twist” is just a get-out clause in case you’re doing Italian food wrong.

6. Overly logoed names
If you spell your name with numbers, special characters and alternate between UPPER CASE and lower case, nobody is going to be able to pronounce it… or, more importantly, find you on Instagram. [email protected] !t.

7. Waiters who don’t look up
This is the antidote to #2. While there are many restaurants with overly-attentive waiters, there are also those with staff who never scan the room, which means we either have to sit there waiving or get up and chase them.

8. Peruvian themes
We love Peruvian food, and there are a number of restaurants in UAE doing it really well. But we’re pretty much at full capacity. Enough with the Peruvian-theme.

9. Lack of plates
This one is well documented around the world. What’s with the lack of plates? Have you ever tried eating a meal from a piece of slate, a watering can, or out of a shoe (yes that is a thing). Follow @wewantplates on Twitter for more frustratingly hilarious examples.

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