5 great places to get Egyptian food in Dubai

Hassan Sadek, was born and raised in Alexandria in Egypt and, during his 10 year stint in Dubai, has scouted out the most authentic and beloved Egyptian eateries in the city that offer a taste of the familiar between visits home.

Here’s his top five…

1. Hadoota Masreya 
“I found out this place through Egyptian friends who were raving about how good the food is and have now been going myself for about three years. I just love the relaxed, authentic vibe in there. It’s friendly and warm and I’ve got to know the staff so once I step inside it really feels like I’m back home in Egypt. The Koshari here is just great and I always order the Mahashi Hadoota.”
Where: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa
Contact: +971 4 2753066,

2. El3ezba 
“You’ll recognise this one by the cool Egyptian art on the front of it and bright comfy chairs outside. Inside it is pretty basic, good value and the food is tasty and authentic. I wouldn’t say it’s the best Egyptian food in Dubai, but they deliver until 2am so this is my go to for Egyptian food to order in if I don’t want to go out and I’m missing home. It always tastes great and means I don’t have to cook!”
Where: Business Bay
Contact: +971 4 4573701, website

3. Dar el Qamar 
“The first Egyptian meal I ate in Dubai was here at Dar el Qamar, it was also recommended to me by a friend and is now one of my favourite place to go for food that genuinely tastes home cooked, like my mum cooked up a feast. The ambiance is always nice, they serve great shisha, sometimes have live Egyptian bands playing and it’s very casual. It’s fine to just rock up in flip flops and enjoy some delicious authentic food with friends overlooking the Marina.”
Where: The Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 4 3951933,

4. Barracuda 
“This place specialises in seafood and does it amazingly well. It’s a little more expensive than other places, but the seafood is consistently fresh and delicious and the salads are really good too. It’s a real treat to go here with friends or family who are in town, but because it’s a quaint little place it does get busy especially at weekends – there has been times I’ve had to wait a while for a table, but it is always worth it and for me that’s always a good sign.”
Where: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3
Contact: +971 4 3940408

5. Grand Abu Shakra 
“This is my favourite place to go for an authentic Egyptian breakfast, in fact I was there just last weekend. The foul is amazing, the falafels are really good and there are these pastrami pastry things which are so moorish. The speciality here though is the mixed grills or Egyptain BBQ. It’s well-known for its grills by Egyptians all over Dubai. The food is a really authentic taste of home, it isn’t too expensive and it’s also a nice way to sample the old flavours of Dubai.”
Where: Al Maktoum Road, Deira
Contact: +971 42229900, website

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