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Best Mexican Restaurants In Dubai 2023



Best Mexican Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai is the hub for restaurants ideal for every nationality. So, if you are yearning for authentic Mexican food, you are at the right place.

The flavor and taste of the Mexican food served at various restaurants across Dubai are just out of this world, and it matches head-on with most of the native restaurants of Mexico. Moreover, the overall ambiance of the Mexican restaurants will make you feel like you are having dinner in Mexico itself. Read this article to find the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai.

Interesting facts about the Mexican cuisine

When we think about authentic Mexican food, the first thing which comes to mind is the various dishes and flavors of spices. Following are some interesting facts about Mexican cuisine.

Mexican food

Mexican cuisine is World Heritage

Only international cuisines come under the radar of UNESCO, and many must be made aware that Mexican cuisine comes under the heritage list recognized by UNESCO. Hence, the cuisine is undoubtedly the first choice when in Dubai.

Fruits and Veggies over meat

You will be surprised to know that Mexican food does not mean beef, rice, and spices. Authentic Mexican food relies more on veggies and fruits, and traditional Mexican food is purely a vegetarian dish comprising corn, beans, and chili peppers.

Moreover, an authentic traditional Mexican dish comprises some vegetables and fruits that you may need to gain knowledge of. The outcome of traditional Mexican food is mind-blowing, and you only need to experience the food and the authentic rich flavors.

Mexican cuisine

Caesar Salad’s Origin

The Ceaser salad is a must-have if you are trying Mexican cuisine for the first time. It is a combination of steak and baked potatoes, and the item is cooked with garlic, olive oil, Worcester sauce, eggs, and parmesan cheese. 

Caesar Salad's Origin

The Origins of Nachos

Nacho, though a side dish and a snack worldwide, is highly popular. The dish though not a traditional one came into being by chance.

It is said that Ignacio Anaya Garcia, also known as Nacho, was the restaurateur. He once invited American soldiers’ spouses to his restaurant, offered them some deep-fried tortillas, and topped them with some grated cheese and jalapeno peppers.

The foot item became an instant hit overnight and is now regarded as one of the most popular Mexican snacks.

Tomatoes were the first grown Here

It is a fact that the origin of tomatoes is in Mexico. Tomatoes were unknown to the world until the Spanish invaded Mexico in the 16th century.

They liked the taste of tomatoes, and finally, the seeds were sent to Spain. Over time, tomatoes became one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Selection of Distinctive Ingredients

Some Mexican food has distinctive characteristics. You will find that some Mexican dishes include grasshoppers as an essential component.

Some Mexican dishes use flowers, like pumpkin and yucca. Moreover, the meaty cactus gives a flavor similar to beef or chicken. 

A perfect combination of Carbohydrate and Protein 

Authentic Mexican cuisine gives you a perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein. Mexican dishes are known for being rich in nutrients and low in calories, and they are one of the healthiest food in the world and hence a part of the World Heritage.

The Number 1 Ingredient

The only ingredient in all Mexican food items is chilly pepper, and you will find the ingredient even in some sweet Mexican delicacies apart from mouth-watering savory meals. 

Mexican tortilla

It is tortillas all the way

It is not a myth but a fact that you can prepare a typical Mexican tortilla with whatever you want according to your choice of food. Tortillas and the natural seasoning make the food an excellent and authentic Mexican food. 

Best Mexican restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is buzzing with various types of international restaurants. Following are the five best Mexican restaurants in Dubai.

1. Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is a Mexican restaurant situated at the heart of the city of Dubai. It started its operation in 2002 and is still going strong. It is one of the most popular hubs for tourists who want to feel the Mexican touch in Dubai.

One of the specialties of Cactus Jack is the signature Mexican mixed drinks. The Cactus Jack is the ideal spot for you to enjoy a late-night fiesta and spicy fajitas.

 Cactus Jack

You will also enjoy live entertainment to comfort yourself after a tiring tour in Dubai. Take advantage of the happy hours of Cactus Jack between 4 pm to 6 pm. It is because you will get some of the total bills for your drinks and food.


The services offered by Cactus Jack are at par with international standards. You will get top-class services that will make you feel at home.

The staff is extraordinarily sober and always at your service. They can also guide you in choosing the best menu if you need clarification. For these reasons, you will find tourists frequently visiting Cactus Jack.

Average Price

The average price starts from 25 Dirhams which is merely around seven euros during happy hours between 4 pm to 7 pm.

However, on ordinary days the price for two is around 300 AED which comes to around 76 Euros. However, the price may rise depending on the types of food and drinks you are taking.


Cactus Jack is located in Millennium Airport Hotel, Dubai, on Casablanca Street.


Cactus Jack opens at noon every day and closes at 3:00 am.

Contact Number

If you want to reserve a table in Cactus Jack, you need to call 971 4 702 8888

Special Menus

Though Cactus Jack offers a variety of authentic Mexican food and drinks, it is advisable to try Enchilada de Pollo, which are chicken enchiladas stuffed full of spice and slathered in cheese and sour cream.

It is one of the specialties of Cactus Jack as the food is mouth-watering, and you will enjoy and relish the popular Mexican dish.

2. Chalco’s Mexican Grill

Chalco’s Mexican Grill is one of the popular hubs in Dubai. It boasts of serving authentic Mexican dishes prepared with fresh ingredients locally available in Dubai. Once you enter the restaurant, you will feel like being in Mexico because of the ambiance.

One of the best features of Chalco’s Mexican Grill is the meat. It is soft and juicy primarily because of the meat marinated overnight.

 Chalco’s Mexican Grill

The drinks are imported directly from the native country. Therefore, if you want to taste authentic Mexican food, Chalco’s Mexican Grill is an ideal place to hang out. 


One of the prime reasons to visit Chaco’s Mexican Grill is its services. You do not have to wait long for your order, as the services are quick. The restaurant staff makes you feel at home and is always at your service. 

Average Price

Chalco’s Mexican Grill is not an expensive restaurant; it has a wide range of authentic Mexican dishes. However, the price is only 100 AED for two people, which is affordable.


Chalco’s Mexican Grill is located at Lake Terrace Tower of Cluster D of Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. 


Chalco’s Mexican Grill opens at 11:00 am every day and closes early at 10: 00 pm.

Contact Number

If you want to book a table for yourself and your loved ones, you can do so by dialing 971 4 453 9175.

Special Menu

Though the food quality at Chalco’s Mexican Grill is authentic, you must try the Burrito bowl. It is a specialty of Chalco’s Mexican Grill, and you can also load it up with your favorite fillings according to your choice.

3. El Mostacho

El Mostacho may not have a glamorous look from the outside, but the food it offers to the people is fantastic. It has a touch of pure, authentic Mexican-style food that you will enjoy to your brim. The restaurant’s ambiance will make you feel like a native of Mexico.

The décor of El Mostacho is simple but presents it in a pure Mexican style. You can visit the place or order online to taste authentic Mexican food. Moreover, the food is fresh, and the taste is exquisite.

 El Mostacho


According to the reviews, El Mostacho boasts excellent services. Once you order the food, the delivery is fast. Moreover, online delivery is also fast as it delivers according to the schedule. The staff of El Mostacho is friendly and always ready for your services.

Average Price

The average price for two is around AED 165, which is quite reasonable considering that you will experience authentic Mexican dishes.


El Mostacho is located at Silver Tower on the Ground Floor, a prime location in Dubai. Hence, accessing the restaurant is fine for many.


El Moatacho opens every day at noon and closes early at 10:00 pm.

Contact Number

If you want to book a table to enjoy Mexican food’s fiesta, you can dial 971 4 551 6679.

Special Menu

Though you can enjoy various Mexican dishes at El Moatacho, the best dish you must try is the Aztec tortilla soup. 

4. La Carnita

La Carnita is one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants you can enjoy at any time of your visit to Dubai. The ambiance is perfect for a Mexican-style dinner; you can either dine in the restaurant or order online.

The restaurant also has takeaway facilities for those who want to enjoy Mexican-style food in the comfort of their house.

One of the advantages of visiting La Carnita is the live music you will enjoy, Mexican food, and drinks.

 La Carnita


There are no flaws where the services of the La Carnita are concerned. The staff will make you feel comfortable at the restaurant, and you can order anything of your choice according to the menu. The beat features of the La Carnita are that the services are quick, and you do not have to wait long to enjoy your authentic Mexican food.

Average Price

The overall average price for two is around AED 330 without alcohol. However, if you want to try alcohol, the bills may soar, which is quite reasonable because you will experience authentic Mexican dishes.


La Carnita is located at InterContinental Dubai Marina. 


El Moatacho opens every day at 4 pm and 2 am. On certain days, the restaurant closes at 1:00 pm.

Contact Number

If you want to book a table to enjoy Mexican food’s fiesta, you can dial 971 5 280 2252.

Special Menu

Though there are various Mexican dishes in Dubai, it is advisable to enjoy the Calo salad. It has the perfect mixture of medicine that can cure any ailment. 

5. Loca

Loca is one of the finest tourist spots for a portion of authentic Mexica food. The place is lively, and the ambiance is exquisite in pure Mexican style. You will feel excited being in one of the finest Mexican restaurants in Dubai. It is located at one of the prime locations of Dubai, where accessibility is not a factor. 



The staff of Loca will make you comfortable once you enter the place. They are professionals and know exactly the needs of the customers. Moreover, they will also guide you in choosing the best authentic Mexican dish.

Average Price

The overall average price for two is around AED 400. You will also get other facilities like a spa and swimming pool for a price. It is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and loved ones.


Loca is located at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa at Jumeirah Beach Road.


Loca opens every day at noon and continues till 2 in the morning. 

Contact Number

If you want to book a table to enjoy authentic Mexican food, you can do so by dialing 971 4 346 1111.

Special Menu

Though there are various authentic Mexican dishes in Loca, the one that stands out among others is the fresh guacamole. The item’s taste is delicious and, at the same time, perfectly healthy food. 

Why should you try Mexican cuisine in Dubai?

You may get various options to taste different types of international cuisine, but the presence of Loca makes a difference among others. The dishes are pure Mexican style that you can enjoy at your fullest. 

The mere fact is that Dubai has everything in the offering. However, it would be best if you did not falter in getting the best Mexican delight at your doorstep. If you want to proclaim the product is the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai, wait to do it. You have ample time to keep your materials fresh and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the restaurants in Dubai expensive?

Dubai boasts various types of international restaurants. However, the one that stands out among others is the Mexican restaurants that are neither cheap nor affordable.   

Are Mexican dishes tasty?

Mexican dishes are under the control and power of government agencies. Hence, there is no need to come to your hair while driving.

What does Mexican food offer?

Mexican food does not require meat and its products. It is usually prepared with the help of fruits and vegetables.

Is Mexican food healthy?

One of the most incredible benefits of having healthy food is to go towards the Mexicans. The native people of Mexico who come to Dubai for touring or other business issues usually find the restaurant a happy and peaceful place.

Do the Mexican restaurants in Dubai offer drinks?

Ans: The most significant advantage of visiting Mexican restaurants is that they offer a variety of drinks for the convenience of the tourists.

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