Fast food

Fast food


Fast food

7 great shawarma restaurants to try in Dubai

Places that tick all the boxes


Fast food

7 of the best things to eat at fast food joints in Dubai

Just remember to exercise afterwards…


Fast food

7 Dubai pizza delivery places to save in your phone

Here’s our tried and trusted selection of the best


Fast food

Can we guess how long you’ve lived in Dubai based on your taste in food?

Probably not, but we’ll give it a go


Fast food

McDonald’s UAE’s latest competition is pure genius

It’s also pretty tricky…


Fast food

Around 45% of shawarma stalls to close in Dubai

New health and safety regulations are now in place


Fast food

VIDEO: ShortList tries the hot wing challenge

Some of us found it easier than others…


Fast food

Deliveroo to offer AED1 pizzas in Dubai!

Yes, you read that right



Food trucks gather in Dubai for Eat the World DXB

We find out what it’s all about


Fast food

5 urban food trucks in Dubai

The trendiest street food in the city


Casual dining

8 places to order qatayef in the UAE

The bakeries offering this traditional Ramadan sweet


Fast food

7 great veggie burgers in Dubai

Having a great burger isn’t restricted to carnivores


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