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Zaroob Restaurant In Dubai -Location,Menu, And More



Zaroob Restaurant In Dubai -Location,Menu, And More

Zaroob is a traditional Arabian restaurant that serves the most authentic Laventine dishes in Dubai. When translated, the name of this renowned restaurant, Zaroob, is “small alley”. This restaurant’s concept gets its inspiration from traditional street food vendors in and around the Levant region. The main focus of this restaurant is to capture the essence and wholesomeness of simple cooking.

This is coupled with an atmosphere of theatrical ambiance and rich history of Arabic street food. Zaroob offers open kitchens, live cooking stations, and authentic Arab decorations so that diners can experience the sound, smell, and sights similar to that one gets while walking through a traditional street in regions like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt.

During the cooler seasons, the outdoor terrace offers the perfect dining space. The infrastructure is vibrant with polished cement floors and street art decorations on the walls. 

Where is Zaroob Restaurant Located?

The Zaroob restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed road and Dubai Marina. The outlet in Jumeirah Tower on Sheikh Zayed road is completely Arab in feel and it smoothly blends authentic aspects of Levantine cuisine with a modern flair. 

Zaroob Restaurant

The timing of the restaurant in Jumeirah Tower is 24/7. The outlet situated near Dubai Marina opens at 7 am and closes at 5 pm. 

Why Do People Love This Restaurant? (Speciality)

The main attraction of the Zaroob is the traditional Arabic feeling that it emanates. This is one of the finest Levantine restaurants in Dubai offering authentic dishes with a touch of modern elements.

The chefs here focus on time-honored recipes to which they tactfully bring a contemporary twist. Each dish served is crafted using the finest ingredients and delicious secret sauces. The facilities that Zaroob restaurant offers include delivery, takeout, reservations, and indoor and outdoor seating.

In addition to this Zaroob ensures wheelchair accessibility, free wifi, credit card options, and table service. Well, this wide range of facilities is also one of the main reasons why people are attracted to this restaurant and keep visiting the place. 

Zaroob Dubai Menu

The major attraction of the Zaroob restaurant is authentic Levantine dishes with a modern flavor to them. The restaurant offers 4 major cuisines including Lebanese, Mediterranean, Arabic, and Middle Eastern. The menu also includes special diets such as vegetarian dishes, vegan options, halal, and gluten-free options. The detailed menu of Zaaroob is given below:

1. Breakfast Booth

To start your day the right way, Zaroob serves delicious dishes such as labneh, omelet, eggs and potato, shakshouka, sunny side up, scrambled eggs, eggs and soujouk, and fresh and pickled veggies. There are also 2 breakfast tray options:

  • OPTION 1: Za’atar, Labneh, Hummus, Falafel, Foul, Eggs, Balila, Veggie Platter, Nutella 
  • OPTION 2: Za’atar, Fried Halloumi, Hummus, Falafel, Cheese Rolls, Eggs, Smoked Turkey, Veggie Platter, Nutella 

2. Foul and Fatteh Kerb

Foul and Fatteh kerb is a popular dish all over the Levant region. The options available in this include Balilah, Lebanese foul, Mousabaha, hummus Fatteh, meat Fatteh, and Palestinian Fatteh.

This category includes chef’s recommendations and vegetarian options. The recipes are inspired by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. 

3. Manakeesh Alley

Manakeesh, a rich Levantine Arabic food resembling pizza, is an important part of the Zaroob restaurant menu.

The recipes included in this category are Za’atar, Labneh, Za’atar and Cheese, Za’atar and Labneh, Akkawi Cheese, Kashkaval Cheese, Trio Cheese, Halloumi Cheese, Minced Meat, and Double Decker Man’oushe. There are options for choosing Manoushe or Saj. Switch to oat dough. 

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4. Fateer Stand 

This category includes dishes inspired by the Egyptian pastry Fateer meshaltet. Fateer stand includes minced meat and cheese, minced meat, Soujouk and cheese, kraft cheese, and kraft cheese and honey.

5. Salad Stop

In salads also, Zaroob offers different options such as Falafel salad, chicken shawarma salad, beef shawarma salad, fattoush, and Tabbouleh. 

6. Mezza Market

This category includes different mouthwatering Levantine appetizers such as fried halloumi, lentil soup, hummus, hummus with meat and nuts, cheese rolls, Zaroob french fries, Mousakhan rolls, and Moutabbal.

7. Koshari Corner

Zaroob also serves the rich Egyptian national food which is also a popular street food. Koshari served at the restaurant includes rice, lentils, macaroni, spaghetti, and chickpeas mixed with tomato sauce, and crispy onions, and served with koshary shatta and dokka on the side. 

The Zaroob menu doesn’t end with these dishes. There is a range of wraps, falafel, shawarma, skillets, desserts, mocktails, fresh juices, hot drinks, and cold drinks. 

The Zaroob restaurant with its rich Levantine dishes blended with a modern flair is one of the best food spots in Dubai. For tourists looking for a food spot offering authentic Levantine dishes as well as a traditional ambiance similar to the experience offered by traditional Arabic food streets, Zaroob is sure to be the ideal place. 

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