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Extreme wingsuit jumper shares epic UAE video

The story behind the video is so sad

10 July 2016 11:39

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The scary sport of freediving in the UAE

A diving club in Dubai will show you how it's done

21 June 2016 11:24

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Video of man on Dubai zipline is the best thing you’ll see today

South Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo is terrified

12 June 2016 15:46

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VIDEO: Skydive Dubai's epic stunt with Breitling

Wingsuits, skydivers and wingwalkers take to the skies

5 June 2016 16:29

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VIDEO: Meet Skydive Dubai's paraplegic pro

Check out record-breaking Jarrett Martin's latest stunt

3 May 2016 15:18

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Terrifying new attraction planned for Dubai

Lean out over the city's skyline with AYKON Dare

26 April 2016 13:23

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VIDEO: Man rides hoverboard on edge of Dubai skyscraper

“I don’t know how I’m alive”

14 April 2016 13:34

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Base jump tower proposed for Dubai

325-metre extreme sports tower with free fall and base jump

14 March 2016 11:13

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VIDEO: Insane wing suit stunt in the UAE

Would you be brave enough to try this?

7 March 2016 14:47