Sheikh Hamdan Orders Provision Of Dh70 Million Worth Of Social Benefits To Emirati People Of Determination

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have issued directives to increase the financial support for the Emirati people of determination. 

His Highness Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum elevated the financial allocation for social benefits to AED70 million in 2023. According to Dubai Media Office, this particular move made by the Ruler of Dubai is in line with the emirateā€™s renewed strategy to uplift people with determination.

In addition to it, the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Development and Citizens Affairs and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, also focus on fostering the Emiratesā€™ closer integration into society to ultimately boost their productivity in the community, said the Dubai Media Office.

Furthermore, the media office highlighted that the latest increase in provision was made to encourage their contribution to the emirateā€™s development journey.

A Variety of social benefits are to be met via the latest provision ordered by the UAE authoritiesĀ Ā 

In the wake of the provision hike, Her Excellency Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, the Community Development Authorityā€™s Director General said that the current move made by Sheikh Hamdan will help Dubaiā€™s social benefits to reach a large number of recipients.

A Variety of social benefits are to be met via the latest provision ordered by the UAE authoritiesĀ Ā 

She also invited the tabloid attention to the role of rehabilitation support in benefitting children with disabilities. According to her, this will also be a relief to the families of the affected children.Ā 

In addition to rehabilitation facilities, the new strategy will cover the costs of employing shadow teachers, personal assistants, sign language interpreters, and carers, as well as fees for kindergarten, training, and rehabilitation at specially arranged institutions.

Furthermore, the social benefits are supplied with services such as vehicle repair and the cost of ensuring workplaces only for persons of determination.

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The UAE Federal Budget for this year was approved, with total revenue of AED 63.6 billion and an expenditure of AED 63.06 billion.

The budget for the social development sector is drawn from the allotted amount.

Last July 2022, the social benefit was approved and the amount allotted by the Dubai authorities was AED44 million ($11.97 million). Both UAE ruler Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved the program after they agreed upon hosting a string of social benefits for other Emirati citizens.Ā 

At the time of the announcement of the previous provision, Sheikh Hamdan said that their intention was to provide their citizens with the highest quality of life possible. As per the reports, social benefits are offered to people of determination who are aged below 60, particularly those with mental or physical impairment.

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