WATCH: A comparison of every iPhone ever made

The new iPhone 7 is quick. Really quick.

When Apple , the company stated the new model was 120 times faster than the original iPhone released back in 2007. In nine short years, smartphones had gone from fledgling iPod replacements to pocket computer powerhouses.

But how do the models stack up under performance tests? Is the new iPhone 7 really that much of a speedster compared to more contemporary releases? That’s what the Apple obsessive  YouTube channel wanted to establish – and illustrate the “diminished returns” of the technology arms race.

Every model of the iPhone – from the chubby first entry to the sleek 7 – is lined up for a variety of tests, from seeing which boots up the fastest (not the iPhone 7, surprisingly) to more rigorous benchmark tests, crunching numbers for processor performance. They even get a decibel rating, illustrating the improved audio power Apple has been able to pack in over the years.

It’s only nine years old, but the iPhone has come a heck of a long way. Here’s hoping Apple takes an even bigger leap with the 10th anniversary model, yeah?

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