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5 incredible pre-owned supercars in Dubai



As is customary for the first Saturday of the month, it’s the draw for the AED1,000,000 prize in National Bonds this coming weekend. It got us thinking. Say, we weren’t careful, risk-averse types with pension plans and future school fees to consider: what would we do with the money?

We asked Carbon Cars for some inspiration and they came up with this incredible selection. Although we’re not really sure why they added the last one. Just showing off? Probably. And why not….

Porsche GT3 RS
Year: 2016
Price: AED850,000
With a striking peach-orange colour, this car will get you noticed whatever is under the hood. But this high-performance track racer, with its compact 4.0-litre flat-six engine, will turn heads even faster with its 500bhp output and 310km/h top speed. The classic 911 shape is also enhanced with sharp intakes and that gigantic wing.

Ford GT
Year: 2006
Price: AED1,250,000
The Ford GT40, the endurance racing car from the mid-to-late 1960s, has one of the most unmistakable silhouettes in the auto industry. In 2005, it was the basis for the launch of the Ford GT a muscular roadster with that same snarling profile. The paintwork, white with parallel blue stripes, became its trademark, while the performance – top speed of 330km/h – retained all that Le Mans heritage.

Maclaren 650S
Year: 2015
Price: AED675,000
One of the genuinely outstanding high-performance cars available on the market, Maclaren’s successor to the 12C is sharper and more refined. It boasts a tweaked V8 engine and bigger, better exhaust, which help unleash a preposterous 650bhp for a car so light. This is definitely the plaything of the fun-loving rich.

Ford GT X1 limited edition
Year: 2006
Price: AED2 million
This snarling beast of a car is the result of a collaboration between Ford and Manitoc, a body specialist run by Mark Gerish in Wisconsin. He essentially took a consignment of a GT40 in its early production phase and created a slash-roofed open-top cruiser, available in strictly limited numbers. And with some engine tweaks in now clocks up 600bhp. Fun, fun, fun.

Year: 2015
Price: AED12 million
The successor the the Enzo it may be, but this beauty is very much in a league of its own. Launched in 2014, it was described by Autocar as “very possibly the world’s fastest, most exciting hypercar”, which is high praise considering the competition right now. This 2015 model comes with all the goodies, including the 6.3L V12 F140FE engine, and the optional extras of carbon fibre, hydraulics and wheel traction, it will get you from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds. That’s not a pricetag, that’s an investment.

Carbon Cars
Nad Al Hammar Road, Dubai
Tel: +9714 342 3991

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