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THE CHOSEN FEW: Personal transporters



It’s a thought that crosses our minds every morning at 8.30am, waiting at the Knowledge Village traffic light to go through three cycles before we can finally make that left turn into Media City. There has to be a quicker way to get around our streets.

Until we get our motorbike licenses, we’re stuck in the car. But for midday meetings across the street, or shortening the length of the Corniche, it’s tempting to jump on one of these.

1. Airwheel X3
This is effectively a motorised unicycle without the seat and saddle. You place your feet either side and, like a Segway, lean forward to make it go.
Top speed: 19.3kmh
Range: 22km
Price: AED2,299 from Virgin Megastore

2. Evo Powerboard electric scooter
A nuggety little bullet of a scooter, this has a top speed of 35kmh and moves with the quiet hum of a golf cart. The seat is detachable, too, for a more “authentic” scooter experience.
Top speed: 35kmh
Range: 20km
Price: AED2,100 from Tarsam

3. Segway I2
The original personal transporter, this has since acquired the stately air of an ageing monarch, gliding effortlessly around shopping malls and exhibition halls. At that price, though, maybe only royalty can afford them.
Top speed: 20kmh
Range: 38km
Price: AED29,000 from MTM Powersports

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