12 Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Loved One

Despite feeling like we’ve only just got over one holiday of forced fun, Valentine’s Day is about to arrive armed with anticipation of deep declarations of love and at least a good excuse for a fancy dinner.

But walk down a card aisle and the only feelings you’re sure to catch are ones of nausea. Garish red cards with gushy messages that you would never, ever say out of self-respect will have you thinking your partner will leave you if you get them one rather than cement your relationship.

In the interest of not selling yourself short, here are some alternative options that relay your realness and won’t leave either of you cringing:

For the couple who scroll together

For those who like Netflix

For someone with an imagination

For the anti-consumerist

For the right-swipers

For The Walking Dead fan

For the confessor

For someone who’s not the average Joe

For the grumpy but soft

For the punny

For those who can’t be bothered

For the Game of Thrones fan who is not of many words

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