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COLLECTION: Andy Was Here Planet Collection



We all know about the UAE’s plans to be the first country to build a city on Mars. Go us! The Emirates Mars Mission also aims to land a spacecraft on the red planet to celebrate the UAE’s 50th anniversary. Hurray!

Mars is in reaching distance and not just within the realms of space travel. Fresh new brand Andy Was Here has just dropped its Planet Collection, which takes the universe and turns it into fashion – t-shirts, actually. The label was created in 2016 by Serbian-born, Dubai-based duo Alexandar Yankovic and Deyan Veljkovic, with inspiration drawn from fictional character “Andy” and his journey through space.

The two friends seamlessly fuse their talents in fashion and graphic design to produce a series of jet black t-shirts emblazoned with metallic planets – Venus, Saturn, Mars et al – positioned on the chest, to the side or hung heavy around the neckline.

The collection achieves a balance between wearable and otherworldly and while this could be one big step for mankind, whatever happens in the future Andy Was Here first.

Andy Was Here is available at Beyond The Street in Mercato Mall and on facebook

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