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7 items for AED7 or less in Dubai



1. Almost everything in Daiso
Daiso is quite possibly one of our favourite stores in Dubai. Where else can you find tupperware, illuminated ear picks, animal care, chair socks and wrapping paper all in one place? The best bit is that more than 70 percent of the items sold in Daiso are priced at AED7. Everything else varies from AED25-AED80, we’ve been going to the chain’s beloved branches for years and have yet to find anything priced at over AED100. Mind you, we’re usually just looking for chair socks and illuminated ear picks…

2. Chai tea
You have not had a proper Dubai experience unless you’ve had a cup – foam preferably – of Chai tea. The incredibly sweet concoction is usually priced between AED0.5 to AED2. We’ve found that the best ones are usually in small cafeterias in Karama and the Gold, Spice and Textile Souk in Deira.

3. Bubbles
For AED5, you can buy yourself – we don’t judge – or your little one (you buy it for yourself and claim it’s for your little), a bottle a bubbles. Safa Park 2 has a little corner shop that sells all the bubbles you’d ever need.


4. Samosas
Another must-try item. The beloved triangle shaped piece of pastry goodness is usually stuffed with minced beef or spiced potatoes, onions and or lentils. For as little as AED3, you could experience the moreish snack that has been around and will continue to be around for hundreds of years.

5. An eraser
From just AED2, you could buy yourself a seriously savvy eraser at Aswaaq. We’re talking cool mistake removers – think; black coated ones, ones that look like Disney characters and even ones that look like spaceships.


6. A pack of gum
Or as we like to call it, the cure to our motion sickness – if you get car sick, try it. From AED2, you can chew on everything from grape, orange, banana, a neat combination of all three or just plain mint gum.

7. A pair of socks
With the washing machine successfully eating most of them and with one sock always missing, this is one affordable item that you will always need. Carrefour sells pairs of standard black and or white socks for AED7. 

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