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There's a new initiative to stop fake goods being sold in Dubai

Montaji will allow you to check all the products details…
Team shortlist08 Aug 2017 AT 09:42 AM
Fraud, Products, Montaji
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Fraud, Products, Montaji
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Nothing like spending your hard earned pennies on a designer bag, only to realise that you’ve just spent a quarter of your rent check on a bag that isn’t even real...

In a bid to reduce and ultimately eradicate the chances of this happening to you, the Dubai Authorities have just launched a new initiative: Montaji.

The project, which means “my product” in Arabic, will require retailers to upload various details about the product such as its barcode, materials used, colour and weight on the city’s online portal,   

According to the head of the Consumer Product Safety Section, Naseem Mohammed, all consumer safety products sold in Dubai such as health supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, perfumes, detergents, soaps, packaging materials and biocides such as antibacterial products, must be registered with the “Montaji” system.

Should you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of a product, all you need to do is enter the barcode and or item name in the Montaji database and all of the registered information of said product will appear on either the website or mobile app.

Click here, to register. 

The initiative should put an end to the recent counterfeit product cases reported by the Dubai Police.

This past March, the Dubai Economic Department (DED) posted a video on Twitter showing millions of counterfeit goods from warehouse raids.

One of the warehouses had over a million products including handbags, clothes, printers, cosmetics, watches and even contact lenses.

The second warehouse contained around 928 items and the third had 700,000, including five prominent perfume brands. The final warehouse had 252,000 items including cosmetics and cleaning products.

Speaking on the heist at the time, the Director of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector in Dubai Economy, Ibrahim Bahzad said that the raids took 48 hours and were followed by 14 days of investigation.

“Dubai Economy is committed to translate the directives and vision of the Government of Dubai to promote economic activity. Combatting commercial fraud and protecting goods and services against duplicating their brand or logo are part of the strategic objective of Dubai Economy to improve confidence among businesses and investors, and enhance overall competitiveness in Dubai,” Behzad said.

"People promoting and selling counterfeits use innovative tricks. Some of them import the goods in pieces and then assemble it here, and they even use remote or misleading locations to stock such goods. We work closely with global brands to train our inspectors in identifying counterfeits and we update trademark owners on local developments in combatting counterfeiting," he added.

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