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3 reasons why you need to buy Samsung’s QLED TV



If your idea of a good time is staying in, cuddled up under the blankets, binge watching your favourite movie or show (it’s our favourite thing to do too), we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Introducing Samsung’s latest must-have device, the QLED TV or as we like to call it, your new best friend. The wonder box comes in a number of sizes (you can choose between 55in, 65in and 75in), has some of the best visuals in the market and its chic design makes it oh so pretty to look at.

If you need a bit more convincing, here’s three reasons why Samsung’s QLEDTV should be on your shopping list.

1. Its picture quality is incredible.
The screen has the ability to display over one billion colours in 100 percent colour volume. It’s also the only screen on the market that will not face “screen burn” after extensive use. What this means is that if you are planning to have a 48 hour series binge or gaming marathon, this is the only screen that will not lose its picture quality. It’s also worth noting that the screen comes with a 4K resolution, a light intensity of 1000 nits and a HDR 1500 enabled screen – in short, you will be able to see every colour, crease and detail in stunning high definition.

2. Its design is simply stunning.
If you’re not a fan of cluttered wires, this is the TV for you. Its invisible cable allows you to wire through and connect all of your necessary bits with ease and, let’s face it, having one barely noticeable cable is better than four or five tangled wires. Adding to its element of style and simplicity is the fact that there is no large wall mount. Instead, you will be able to fit your TV using a nano gap wall mount – all you have to do is install your wall mount kit, connect your cables, set up the hanger kit, adjust the angle of your screen and voila, your good to go or not, in this case. Or, you can opt for the equally stunning studio stand.

3. It’s easy to use.
Unlike some TVs, the Samsung QLED TV allows you to control every element of your viewing experience with just one remote. That’s right, you can control your DVD player, audio system, gaming console and more using just one remote. Cool right? There’s more. The device’s Quick Connect feature allows you to mirror what is being displayed on your phone, on your TV and vice versa. You can also use your phone to access, your TV’s smart hub (the feature that allows you to read the preview of all your shows, for those wondering).

Right, now all you need to do is make your way to Samsung, buy your Samsung QLED TV, install it and enjoy all the magic that it has to offer.

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Samsung QLED TV
Price: Now is the perfect time to buy your Q-LED TV. Visit your nearest retailer for exclusive offers.
Where: Various Samsung retailers across the country

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