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Menswear tips: own the interview



An interview is both a daunting and exhausting process, especially in a highly competitive job market. One thing that can give you that extra edge is how you present yourself on that day. Your manner, your attitude, your confidence and, perhaps most of all, how you dress.

There are, in my opinion, three key principles to this: stylish, comfortable and appropriate.

Depending on your industry and the feedback from the recruiter, you should always try to conform a little to the market’s expectations. But in my eyes, there is always that little room for inventiveness.

Here are some great pieces that can every man look fit for the job.

Generally, a blazer is a must, so its is imperative that you have one that ticks multiple boxes. The main ones are: it actually fits you, it’s clean and it sits comfortably with the rest of your outfit. It can then be complimented with the right accessories.

There are some great blazers available in the market at present with personal favorites of mine from COS (pictured above), The Kooples and Reiss, each offering great fit, styling options and longevity, which helps justify the cost.

The Kooples blazer AED2,350

Reiss blazer AED1,450

Aside from the blazer, another crucial element is your footwear, as getting off on the wrong foot can be a bit of disaster in both that initial first impression, both in an interview environment or even whilst dating!

The trick is to try and go on a safer tangent and stick to a more subtle, yet classic and stylish shoe. Brogues from Paul Smith are solid, stylish but also convey an element of individuality, while a smart Chelsea boot can also work.

Paul Smith brogues AED1,800

Oliver Sweeney boots AED2,700

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