10 questions for… Fitplum

As the founders of activewear clothing website fitplum.com, you’d think Sara and Dalia were from a sports background. The pair actually started out in the corporate world, before deciding to turn their passion for fitness into a career. Sara swapped her suit and heels for leggings and trainers, waving goodbye to her job in finance; while Dalia decided she’d had enough of her job in marketing. We caught up with the fitness fanatics turned successful entrepreneurs, and asked them 10 questions about life in Dubai.

How long have you been in Dubai?
Sara: Over 20 years. I grew up here and I wouldn’t change my childhood here for anywhere else – unlimited sunshine a great sense of community in a country that never ceases to amaze.
Dalia: Since birth. Dubai has continued to evolve to offer my family a secure, cosmopolitan and comfortable lifestyle. That makes it so easy to call it our home.

What’s your favourite restaurant… and favourite dish?
Sara: Zuma’s spinach salad. I can eat it for days.
Dalia: That’s a tough one as there are so many good restaurants in Dubai. One of my all-time favorites is Teatro’s nori seaweed salmon which is a classic.

Which takeaway do you have on speed dial?
Sara: Circle Café – their vegetable rice rolls are heaven.
Dalia: Chez Sushi – best sushi in town.

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