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This is how to listen to YouTube videos with the app closed on your iPhone or iPad



You’re at a social gathering.

You’re desperate to impress the assembly with that new little-known artist whose latest EP isn’t even on Apple Music yet.

You want to play the track via YouTube, but you know the moment the app closes the song will stop playing. You’ll be ostracised, kicked to the curb with nothing but your niche tastes for comfort.

Never fear – this is how to play music from the YouTube app and keep using the rest of your phone.

Open Safari
Head to the YouTube website ( in the Safari browser.

When your iPhone/iPad asks if you want to open this in the app – reject it.

In order for this to work, you need to be using YouTube in Safari.

Start your song
Once you’re on the YouTube website, line up your song or playlist like usual.

We’re playing 2016’s biggest banger Pillowtalk on an iPad.

Next, hit your Home button, effectively closing the website and stopping playback.

Don’t worry, things are about to get special…

Head to the Control Centre
Swipe up on your iPhone/iPad to open the Control Centre.

You should notice that the media playback section is now linked up with your YouTube session – so you can hit play from here.

And there you have it – full control over YouTube music playback without having to use the app, leaving your device free to be used in any fashion you like.

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