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How to spot a fake handbag: Hermès Birkin



Coveted by some as the pinnacle of handbag royalty, the Birkin is a bag that needs no introduction… But we’ll give it one anyway.

Named after actress and singer, Jane Birkin, it became the Park Avenue status symbol due its extravagant materials and high price. With some fetching up to AED56,200, carrying one of these Hermès bags is a sign of serious wealth. And, when it comes to buying second hand, at starting prices of around AED28,000, you want to make sure you’re not buying a bogus Birkin.

ShorList asked our go-to brand expert, Catherine, from second-hand designer retailer InSeller, for her top tips on how to spot a fake Hermès Birkin.

Birkins are handmade by individual artisans, so the stitching throughout the bag will not be exactly uniform. Fakes are identifiable for exactly even stitching all over the bag.

The toggle closure at the front of the bag should twist smoothly as a result of the high quality craftsmanship used by Hermès. It should twist without any resistance or graininess and should be of ample weight. Fake bags typically have lightweight hardware with stiff toggle closures.

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