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Apple is bringing out a new, cheaper Macbook Air and, it will have a better screen



Remember a little while ago when we said you might want to hold fire on replacing your old Macbook? Well, we’ve got an update on that for you.

We mentioned how Apple likes to ramp up new product announcements as we move from summer into autumn, and now it looks like the Macbook Air could be getting some TLC in the next wave.

That’s right, it’s time to expect a very subtle change to the laptops that you see four or five people working on in the window of your nearest café every single day.

There’s a new Macbook Air on the way, according to Bloomberg, but it will reportedly have a better screen resolution than the current device.

Essentially, it will be catching up with other Apple laptops by moving over to the ‘retina’ display, the as-yet-unconfirmed reports suggest.

No price point has been confirmed, though it is expected to be cheaper than current non-Air models. The Macbook Air model currently listed on Apple’s site retails at AED4,199, which significantly less than the Macbook (from AED5,459), the Macbook Pro 13-inch (from AED5,459), and the Macbook Pro 15-inch (from AED9,999).

We’re likely to learn more about any new releases in the coming months. Oh, and Apple will also likely be announcing new iPhone models around the same time – click here to find out everything we currently know about those.


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