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All the Apple rumours ahead of tomorrow’s big Apple event



At the time of writing, Apple is readying itself to announce its brand new wares to the world.

On September 12, the company is rumoured to be announcing a raft of brand new shiny objects that we’ll all be scrambling for.

As has become the norm with these types of things, Apple attempt to keep every announcement under wraps, but colander-esque leaks mean that we already (sort of) know that three new versions of the iPhone are coming.

The iPhone XS, as it’s mooted, will come in a range of new colours including a glittering gold. Two of them will apparently come rocking a brand-new OLED screen for even more hi-res clarity.

There’s also talk of a cheaper (by comparison, obviously) 6.1-inch aluminium frame iPhone X that will have an LCD screen.

The biggest change? There might be a dual-sim capability, too.

Away from smartphones, Apple is also set to introduce a new, larger-screened Apple Watch. In fact, it will have a somewhat dramatic design overhaul according to some of those in the know.

Two new iPad Pros just might make an appearance at the show. They’re supposed to do away with a physical “Home” button and introduce a more powerful camera to the devices.

We’ll find out soon just how close, or far, away from the truth these leaks prove to be. We’ll have our wallets at the ready, regardless.

We’ll have Dubai’s favourite bearded optimist (his words) and tech guru, Emkwan, on the ground at the launch tomorrow, so check back for more then.

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