25 Jun 2019 AT 01:19 PM

Splurge of the week: Scent-sational

The scents that will have you spending a fortune or spritzing a bargain
25 Jun 2019 AT 01:19 PM
Splurge of the week: Scent-sational

Ombre leather 16 EDP, 50ml

Without falling into the realms of utterly ridiculous, this luxe scent is one that might make your eyes well up as you hand over your card to purchase. Nearing 2,000 dirhams for what is essential a shot of liquid (warning: do not try and drink the stuff) it’s the black leather essential that’s bumping up the price tag – that and the designer moniker, of course. It gives that masculine, rugged scent and sticks around from sunrise to sunset. Costly, but alluring.
Price: AED1,796, Tom Ford, Sephora

Uomo, edt, 50ml

A similarly sleek, dark bottle, but an extremely different price point. But while you’ll pay a fraction of the price for equal liquid content, you’ll still be granted the same leathery aroma. Mixed in with clary sage and with patchouli as a base notes, the leather scent will come through after top notes of lemon and bergamot and heart notes of violet and geranium. Much more affordable, just as alluring. Well, the price is perhaps a great deal more so...
Price: AED60, Trussardi, Sephora