24 Feb 2019 AT 04:07 PM

Wheels of the week: BMW 745Le

A new hybrid BMW, but how far will it really get you?
24 Feb 2019 AT 04:07 PM
Wheels of the week: BMW 745Le

Appearance: Toothy luxury.

First of all, is this an electric car? It’s a plug-in hybrid, with a both a battery and an engine, so you have a choice of driving modes.

So our DEWA bill is going to go through the roof… Not necessarily, you can get a full charge on 4.5 hours, which is less than you probably charge your iPhone for if you leave it overnight.

Does the car have aeroplane mode to charge quicker? No, sorry.

Does it have a longer cable than an iPhone at least? Yes, and you can even do it wirelessly.

That’s pretty cool, so how far can we go on a single charge? In full electric mode it’ll be around 50 kilometres.

The equivalent of driving to Sharjah on a Thursday night Well, that’s on full eco mode, other modes will get you further without using all the battery.

We’re still a bit afraid of battery-powered cars in case we’re left stranded somewhere... The BMW 745Le is clever enough to save the battery as you go along using the Sat-Nav system.

What if we forget to charge it in the first place? That’s a bit like asking what if you forget to put fuel in your petrol engine. It’s actually better to have an engine and battery because if you forget one you can rely on the other.

So you’re saying we’ll never get stranded anywhere. Exactly. Unless you forget to charge it and put fuel in, that is…

The BMW 745LE starts from AED364,632