03 Mar 2019 AT 04:04 PM

Essential eReaders

If don’t own an eReader, splash out on one – it’ll literally change your life
03 Mar 2019 AT 04:04 PM
Essential eReaders

ONYX Boox Max 2

Traditionalists will scoff at the very thought of reading a Dickens tome on an eReader but for those of you who are sick of getting paper cuts from paperbacks or having the spine melt in your hands in the heat, these great gadgets are the way ahead. This ONYX beast takes eReaders to the next level and is the first of its type to feature the HDMI monitor function meaning it can receive output signal from any external video source (desktop PC, laptop, tablet). With its 13.3in screen and four-core processor with 1.6GHz clock rate and 2GB of RAM it’s perfect if you want to read complex documents (and we’re not just talking James Joyce here), while its 32GB of storage means you can store your entire library on it, saving that wallspace for all your lads’
night pics.
Price: AED2,600, souq.com

inkBOOK Classic 2

One of the biggest issues with lugging Lord of The Rings around on the Metro is how it’ll take up half your manbag. Make room for your copies of ShortList with inkBOOK’s timeless Classic 2. Weighing in at a mere 153g and measuring just 159x114x9mm, this little beauty is deceptively powerful and has a handy 4GB of storage (more than enough to get you through your morning commute, thousands of times over). The battery is big and beautiful and so efficient it lasts for weeks, too.
Price: Dhs354, gear-up.me